'Dancing with the Stars' season 27: Bobby Bones cries foul as only female contestants get eliminated

Nikki Glaser, Danielle Umstead, Nancy McKeon, and Tinashe were all eliminated in the first five episodes of 'Dancing with the Stars' season 27

                            'Dancing with the Stars' season 27: Bobby Bones cries foul as only female contestants get eliminated

There have been four eliminations on ABC's hit reality show Dancing with the Stars' season 27 and, incidentally enough, all of them have been female-star contestants. And that is something that hasn't been lost on both fans, and this season's star-contestant, radio personality and host, Bobby Bones. Speaking about this rapid exodus of female contestants, Bobby shares how he thinks it's all "crap."

“Crap. That’s what I make of that. Crap. It’s just crap. All I’m gonna say. I think it’s horse crap,” Bobby Bones shared with Entertainment Tonight (video below) about the all female-elimination rounds that have happened as of yet on the show, which just aired its fifth week this Monday, featuring all contestants competing along the theme of Disney Night.

So far, Nikki Glaser, Danielle Umstead, Nancy McKeon, and Tinashe have been on the list of casualties and except Tinashe's, all the other female eliminations so far were on the bottom five in the very first week itself. While this Monday night did not see any elimination, owing to its magical theme, fans are still perturbed about this unfortunate streak continuing in the upcoming episode — thus putting contestants Evanna Lynch, Alexis Ren and/or Mary Lou Retton at risk of elimination. And this is all the more striking as there has never been five straight eliminations of the same gender in DWTS's history so far.

“It’s really interesting and I don’t think that that’s fair necessarily,” said Bones’ pro-partner on the show, Sharna Burgess. “I don’t understand how that happened. That’s a massive coincidence that it’s been all the women who went home.” But Bones, on the other hand, has some interesting insights on how to even out this field. “I say we send all the dudes home except me,” he quipped. “I’m into it, but also don’t bring back the women,” Burgess added. “We’ll just stay competing against [Ren, Retton and Lynch].”

Owing to this one round of non-elimination, a prospective double elimination is bound to happen,  in due course of the remainder of the season. And one of those will happen in the first finale night itself. Whether the other double elimination will occur next week or the following one, is still unclear, but as per Burgess, she is “absolutely” worried about it. “Who isn’t worried about a double elimination?” she said. “That’s terrifying.”

But things are not the same with Bones though, whose expectations seem mostly realistic. “What am I gonna do? Go home and worry about it?” he said. “I’m going to dance the best I can dance. This is how every week works: We work so hard and I get up and I don’t do as good out here as I normally do, and she’s like, ‘C’mon, why did you do so bad?’ And I go, ‘I’ll do better.’ And then we do it again. So I’m just hoping we just continue to get a little bit better. But I won’t be as good next week as I will be in practice this week, but that’s just how it goes.”