'Dancing With The Stars' season 27: Bobby Bones' extremely hectic schedule has fans concerned on social media

Halloween Night offered a sneak peek into a typical day in the life of Bobby Bones, taking them through his extremely packed schedule where he wakes up at 1 am to be on air by 6 am

                            'Dancing With The Stars' season 27: Bobby Bones' extremely hectic schedule has fans concerned on social media

The aftermath of this Monday's 'Dancing With The Stars' has got social media buzzing about Bobby Bones once again, and it is somehow for the exact opposite reason that social media was buzzing about the radio host and personality last week. This time, in unison, they all have raised the same burning question: How does Bobby Bones juggle it all and fit everything into his insanely packed schedule?

During Monday's 'Halloween Night' themed episode, prior to Bobby's sinister performance as a killer seducing a married woman (pro-partner Sharna Burgess), the audience, viewers and judges, were shown a pre-taped footage of the country radio music host taking fans through a typical day in the life of Bobby Bones.

From waking up at exactly around 1 am to be able to be on the air at 6 am ET (3 am LA time where DWTS studios are) for his radio show, to eating his meals in the back of his Uber to save time - Bobby does a lot to ensure that his journey on DWTS continues. By the time the clock strikes 12:30 pm, Bobby is already in rehearsals, sweating out and putting his best efforts for the coming week's dance - something that did not escape the notice of fans who were calling him out for being 'salty' and allegedly shading other star-contestants on the show, who were able to enjoy a trip to Disneyland, while Bobby couldn't go.

As soon as the video footage was aired before his amazing Argentine Tango to 'Mr. Sandman' on Halloween Night, fans took to Twitter to express their concern about how evidently grueling Bobby's schedule is.

Most of them expressed that Bobby really needs to relax and take some time off to catch up on some much-needed sleep and rest in general. "Oh man. Poor Bobby. That schedule would make me tired too," one person wrote. "Bobby please don’t do the show tomorrow morning, you very clearly need some sleep," another pleaded.


And this sudden change in perspective also came right in time for Bobby's performance, which ended up scoring him the highest he has in this season so far. Most of the fans agreed online that his latest performance was pretty much exemplary. Sadly, however, the much-deserved score of 22 out of 30, was still one of the lower-ranking totals from 'Halloween Night'.

And in response to that? Bobby tweeted that he was "quite irritated" with the results and nobody is calling him out on that this time, clearly for the reason that he wakes up at 1 am every night!

Luckily for Bobby, the judges' scores on the show haven't really proven detrimental when it came to the contestants getting eliminated on the show so far, as public voting has proven to play a bigger role in that. Take Tinashe and Brandon Armstrong for example, who were voted out on week four itself, despite having been consistently great performers on the show. Similarly, Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten have landed in jeopardy twice too.

And while Bobby's fans are making sure the man's efforts into continuing his DWTS journey doesn't go to waste, they would still like him to make sure that he is not damaging his health either.