'Dancing with the Stars' season 27: Bobby Bones and Joe Amabile face the wrath of social media over Tinashe's elimination

Tinashe had high scores throughout the competition, and fans are now livid that other contestants who had scored much less have managed to stay on because of audience votes

                            'Dancing with the Stars' season 27: Bobby Bones and Joe Amabile face the wrath of social media over Tinashe's elimination

Fans have been left shocked and disheartened by the latest round of elimination on 'Dancing with the Stars' season 27. Taking their rage and absolute disagreement with the decision to Twitter, most of them projected that anger towards the star contestants that they believe should have been risking elimination this week, instead of Tinashe and her pro-partner Brandon Armstrong. And particularly, this flack has been directed at two contestants — Bobby Bones and 'Grocery Store Joe' Amabile.

Things went down on the most recent DWTS episode that aired on Monday night, wherein the stars and their pro-partners were joined in by a third partner to dance with them for 'Trio's Night.'

At the end of the episode, host Tom Bergeron revealed the results from last Monday's "Most Memorable Years" theme — and as it turned out, after combining scores and audience votes through the week, facing jeopardy were two couples — Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe, and Tinashe and Brandon Armstrong. Sadly, the latter took the fall and left the show, much to the dismay and surprise of both judges and audience.

The surprise was mostly stemming from the fact that over the last couple of weeks - right from the season premiere — Tinashe and Brandon have been top scorers on the show. Even as they were sent home, it came after learning what was their topmost scores in their DWTS journey. This could only mean that the two of them fell short of the audience votes, which landed them so devastatingly in the bottom end of the scoreboard, that even Joe Amabile and Jenna Johnson (18 out of 30), John Schneider and Emma Slater (21 out of 30), and Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess (23 out of 30) were higher than them. And this has made fans go slightly infuriated on Twitter. 






That does seem very strong for a reality show, but that's how passionate our DWTS fans are! At the same time, not to completely invalidate their points, but both Bobby and Joe — despite their lacking in dancing skills — definitely know how to put on a good show. It's sad regardless that a talent like Tinashe had to leave, especially after the rehearsal clip showed her discussing how upset she was upon landing in jeopardy the previous week as well when she was saved because ultimately Nancy McKeon and Valentin Chmerkovskiy were sent home. 

At the time, Tinashe said she had "mixed feelings because we got our highest score so far." Brandon told her though that "a lot of times the best dancers are the ones that go home the soonest." It's sad that it was their lucky turn this time.