'Dancing with the Stars' season 27: Alexis Ren under social media flack for being teamed with Maddie Ziegler on 'Trios Night'

Certain Twitter critics believe that pairing Alexis with an experienced dancer like Maddie put her at an advantage over the otherf participants.

                            'Dancing with the Stars' season 27: Alexis Ren under social media flack for being teamed with Maddie Ziegler on 'Trios Night'

This week's 'Dancing with the Stars' held a lot of surprising elements for fans, and contestants both. But what was an absolutely shocking outcome of the episode, was the flack Instagram model Alexis Ren received for getting to perform with Sia prodigy, Maddie Ziegler, for the show's season 27's "Trios Night," that aired this Monday.

Teamed with her pro partner Alan Bersten, and her guest partner for the night, Maddie, Alexis took up a fierce tango to Sia's "Move Your Body" - something that worked only to their benefit because of Maddie's exemplary dance skills and experience in taking up the art form on several different music videos of Sia by now. True to the expectations, the judges were beyond impressed by their performance.

Rave reviews such as the words "good job" came even from judge Len Goodman, who is easily the toughest to impress, and Bruno Tonioli also added his own perspective about the performance, where she shared it was more of "a guy who really empowered his girls." Carrie Ann Inaba and Len gave the team of three, eights, while Bruno gave them a nine - which made for a whopping total score of 25 out of 30.

But not all critics and judges of the dance were impressed - especially those that have to impart their wisdom and expert comments on social media. While the majority of them thought to pair Alexis with Maddie was a great idea that worked perfectly well, some of them did point out Maddie's prior experience in dance - which could have added too much to the benefit of the group's strength. In other words, it meant that being teamed with Maddie put Alexis at a higher advantage than the other contestants.



Which even though to a certain point is true - doesn't necessitate that it was entirely Maddie that uplifted the performance. A lot of the other current start contestants on the show have admitted to having some heavy prior experience in dance. For example, Juan Pablo Di Pace used to be a professional dancer before he decided to shift base to acting and singing. Similarly, Milo Manheim had admitted to having "a little bit of dance experience." And as for Alexis herself, she was a trained ballerina before coming on the show too!

At the same time, it's not like every other duo was teamed with an entirely inexperienced dancer. From old contestants on the show to winners of the coveted Mirrorball trophy, and other people involved in the field of dance - "Trios Night" truly celebrated lover of the art. And even if considered exclusively with Maddie in the picture, like her little sister, Mackenzie - who is a current participant in 'DWTS Juniors' - told GoodHousekeeping.com, the ballroom is "totally different" from other dances and is "harder because everything is so precise." Still, Twitter critics are pretty hard to satisfy.

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