'Dancing with the Stars: Juniors' recap - Performances to 'Songs on the Year they were born' leans to surprising elimination

As exciting as it sounds to perform on songs from the year each star contestant was born, some of them didn't even know these songs!

                            'Dancing with the Stars: Juniors' recap - Performances to 'Songs on the Year they were born' leans to surprising elimination

After the first week's stellar performances on 'Dancing with the Stars: Juniors,' things got heated up on the latest episode 2. While the previous episode had seen two dancing duos leave the dance floor as they suffered the first round of elimination, this week's peppy performances made up for that. Leaving at the end of the very first premiere night was Tripp Palin Johnston and pro-partner Hailey Bills and mentor Jenna Johnson, and MasterChef Junior champ Addison Osta Smith, along with partner Lev Khmelev and mentor Keo Motsepe. And it almost rides that out as if, the remaining 10 contestants took a trip down the memory lane in the episode titled 'Song From The Year I Was Born.'

Of course there was an elimination, but first, let's go through a recap of all the brilliant things about the night:

1. Mackenzie Ziegler and pro-Sage Rosen and mentor, Gleb Savchenko:

The duo performed to 'Are You Gonna be my Girl' by Jett which had come out in the year 2004, that is the year McKenzie was born. Their quickstep was so vibrant and full of energy that it earned them their very own first standing ovation from judge Val Chmerkovskiy. Mandy Moore told Mackenzie that she seemed like a whole new performer this week, while Adam Rippon was beyond impressed with all the content heavy power packed performance they delivered. Val also added that the reason he was so hard on them the previous week was to see this vast improvement. 

Their score: 24 out of 30.

2. Sky Brown and pro-JT Church, and mentor Alan Bersten:

Performing an excellent 'cha cha' to Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance' that came out in the year 2008, aka Sky's birth year, the two were so impeccably present and dominated the stage with their performance that even the judges complimented them on their conviction. There was a collective appreciation for their clarity and facial expression too!

Their score: 22 out of 30. 

3. Sophia Pippen and pro-Jake Monreal, and mentor Sasha Farber:

Sophia is known for her infectious online personality, and bringing the same with her Foxtrot to the dance floor on Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' was probably a very smart idea. Val was all full with his 'yes' to the performance, even though Mandy had some complaints about Sophia's arm movements, and it was probably resonated by Adam who felt that Sophia definitely needs to turn it up, but even he agreed that she did a beautiful job.

Their score: 20 out of 30.

4. Jason Maybaum and pro-Elliana Walmsley, ad mentor Emma Slater:

The rehearsal clip showed Jason at the receiving end of a slight injury, to which he widely proclaimed 'it takes a lot to get that mirror ball.' And true enough, their Jive to 'Shake it by Metro Station' was jut all it took for Jason to impress the judges this week. Mandy complimented their presence and poise while Adam was all praises for how heartfelt their performance was. As for Val, he just felt that Jason pulled off the Jive even better than those shiny pants.

Their score: 21 out of 30.

5. Mandla Morris and pro-Brightyn Brems, and mentor Cheryl Burke:

Stevie Wonder's son brought to the dance floor a sensational Salsa this week, which judge Adam Rippon found off the charts, even though Val thinks Mandla should have embraced the genre a little more. Mandy agreed and said it needed to have more 'swag.'

Their score: 22 out of 30.

6. Hudson West and pro-Kameron Couch, and mentor Hayley Erbert:

Gearing up with their superhero personas this week, the General Hospital child actor and his pro lady brought to the dance floor a pasodoble on '4 Minutes' by Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and Timbaland. While Kameron announced that 'love always wins,' judge Val wasn't too far from announcing how the two of the just killed it. Both Many and Adam were all praises for their partnership.

Their score: 22 out of 30.

7. Miles Brown and pro-Rylee Arnold, and mentor Lindsay Arnold:

Bringing to the dance floor a flaming Argentine Tango to 'I Don't Wanna Be' by Gavin DeGraw, the 'Black-ish' star brought back some major 'One Tree Hill' vibes when it came to all the drama in the performance. And what even was that incredible ending!? Mandy commended the command the two had over the hardest genre of the night, while the other two judges pointed out how proud Miles should be of himself.

Their score: 24 out of 30.

8. Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson, pro-Tristan Ianiero, and mentor Artem Chigvinstev:

With a solid good old 'cha cha' to 'Don't Cha' by the Pussycat Dolls, Honey Boo Boo sure did entertain - and seemingly, by the looks of it - listened to her mentor too. All Adam could point out was how Alana just owns the stage from the moment she comes out on the floor. What's better? Val actually got emotional to a Pussycat Doll song, like he himself pointed out. But there was a slight timing issue too, as Mandy pointed out.

Their score: 19 out of 30.

9. Akash Vukoti and pro-Kamri Peterson, and mentor Witney Carson:

The youngest ever spelling-bee contender was back with a cha-cha to 'Dynamite' by Taio Cruz, with a story all about 'partying and being cool.' How cool was Akash's little pro-tip on how to have the right kind of swag!? Mandy definitely summed up everybody's feelings about that performance, about how much everybody just loved Akash.

Their score: 21 out of 30. 

10. Ariana Greenblatt and pro-Artyon Celestine, and mentor Brandon Armstrong:

Young Gamorah from 'Avengers: Infinity War' came packed with some surprises, as usual. Doing the Jive to the iconic Avril Lavigne number, 'Girlfriend,' making Mandy just admit that she holds Ariana on a standard higher than some of the other dancers. Val and Adam resonated with similar feelings about the two.

Their score: 24 out of 30.

Sadly, however, the night did call for an elimination, despite three duos tying at the top scores of 24 out of 30. Going away in the very second week, as the third couple leaving the show, was 'General Hospital' star Hudson West and his pro-partner, Kameron Couch.