'Dancing with the Stars: Juniors': Miles Brown's journey proves he is the one finalist you should watch out for

Miles' performances are at par with some of the finalists from the adult version of the show, his technique and stage presence equal to contestants with prior dance training

                            'Dancing with the Stars: Juniors': Miles Brown's journey proves he is the one finalist you should watch out for

In the fans' quest to support most of the other contestants on ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars: Juniors', somewhere along the line, people totally seem to have overlooked the absolute gem that is Miles Brown. The 'Black-ish' star is all of 13 and has already ended up earning the top perfect score on the dance reality show. And, that should make fans rethink and reconsider who they have been rooting for to take the coveted Mirrorball trophy home in the debut season of the show. 

Somehow, the entire getting overshadowed by other performances thing, looks like a partial consequence of the other more famous kid-stars participating in the show, but don't let that fool you. Miles has been one of the top scorers this season from the very first night and if you tally all his scores, he will emerge as the highest scoring contestant of the season too.

And, that isn't all. His technique and stage presence are worthy of being compared to the likes of other contestants on the show, who have had prior dance training. And, at the same time, his performances are also at par with some of the finalists from the adult version of the show too. Still, it is definitely sad that it took Miles all this while - seven full weeks in fact - to receive his first 10 out of 10. And, definitely shocking because Miles' performance on the very first episode was no less stellar than his performances now.

Lack of confidence on the very first night could be a thing, but not for Miles Brown. Right from the start, with his dance-partner Riley Arnold, and under the mentorship of DWTS pro Lindsey Arnold - who happens to be Riley's own sister - there were two things absolutely unmissable about his performances: well-executed salsa tricks and sharp hip swivels.

While the 'Black-ish' star's energy peaked every now and then, it was easy to pass it off as premiere night jitters. Plus, having just stepped into teenhood, he was already tackling ballroom dancing like a pro - in fact, better than some of the older kids on the show, which made his score for the night all the more special as it was among the top four.

So, from the top four scorers on the first night to top four finalists of the entire season - if there is anything Miles has been throughout the show, it is consistent. Even with his latest 1950s-themed jive on 'Time Machine Night', where mentor Lindsay choreographed for him and Riley an “I Love Lucy”-style husband-and-wife sitcom number, not only did Miles own the performance, it was more than evident how much fun he had embodying the character.

Judge Mandy Moore told him, “You are here for the win, and I love that,” while also praising his “awesome side-by-side synchronized movements.” Adam Rippon remarked, “You had a moment, and tonight you seized it.” And Val Chmerkovskiy couldn't have agreed more with his fellow judges, as he shared: “You’ve got so much soul … You were born to do this.” Yet somehow Miles ended up getting only one full 10, and two solid 9s from the judges, making his score a total of 28 out of 30.

And, if that doesn't convince fans he is really tough competition for Ariana Greenblatt - the other most consistently brilliant performer on the show - all they need to do is go through Miles' performances once again and they will know that this small package is a storehouse of big talent and we should definitely be watching out for him on the finals.

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