'DWTS' Season 30: Judges praise Olivia Jade as trolls say 'she bribed her way in'

Olivia Jade danced a beautiful Waltz on this weeks 'Dancing With The Stars' , but fans still can't get past her background

                            'DWTS' Season 30: Judges praise Olivia Jade as trolls say 'she bribed her way in'
Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy on 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 30 (DWTS/Twitter)

ABC's beloved dance competition 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 30 is back with its second episode and fans are thrilled to see the lineup as the celebs are just starting to show their skills with the competition getting interesting. Everyone's doing their best as we see the contestants' competitive streak arise. However, viewers are not all that excited to see some stars on the show. On the list of celebs receiving hate on the show is Lori Laughlin's daughter Olivia Jade. A fact that has been repeatedly brought up in the comments. 

Last week saw influencer Olivia do the salsa with partner Val Chmerkovskiy to score a total of 25 out of 40. This week she performed the Viennese waltz and here's what fans thought of the performance.


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Dancing the Viennese Waltz Olivia displayed grace. Judge Derek said she exuded purity and was like a breath of fresh air and was impressed giving them a score of 7. Judge Bruno commented she was seamless for a beginner and just to pay attention to her footwork, giving them a score of 7. Judges Len and Carrie Ann kept it short with a 'well done' and 'good performance' scoring them a 6 and 7 respectively. Her beautiful performance saved her from elimination with the combination of fan votes plus judges' scores with grand total of 52. Olivia safely made it out of elimination and will be seen on next week's Britney Week '. However, fans on Twitter were not very appreciative of her efforts. 

A fan mockingly said," Olivia Jade claims she’s a beauty vlogger & has 2 million subscribers. Girl you only have 1.86 million. Why you lying? You’re not even in the same league. #DWTS ". Another user commented," Can’t root for Olivia Jade #DWTS ". A fan also commented," “I’m probably best known for being an influencer.” - Olivia Jade LOLOLOLOL NO. That is not why every day people, not the online teen masses, know who you are. #DWTS is glorifying crime now? ".

A viewer said," How much did Olivia Jade’s parents pay to get her on #DWTS and to get Val? ". A user commented,"#DWTS so Olivia Jade bribed her way in, right?  Another said," If Olivia Jade was anyone else I’d probably really be rooting for her on #DWTS bc she’s actually a good dancer but she is who she is so I very much do not support her ".













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