'Dancing With The Stars': Is Carrie Ann rude to Kaitlyn because Artem is her ex? Fans want 'salty' judge to go

Carrie Ann Inaba has upset fans with her attitude towards Kaitlyn and they are convinced it is time for her to go

                            'Dancing With The Stars': Is Carrie Ann rude to Kaitlyn because Artem is her ex? Fans want 'salty' judge to go
Carrie Ann, Artem and Kaitlyn (Getty Images/ ABC)

'Dancing With The Stars' is getting tough with every passing week and the cast members are feeling the pressure. The judges have been vocal about their expectations while being straight forward about things where the dancers could improve. One person who had been feeling the pressure is Kaitlyn Bristowe and her partner Artem Chigvintsev.

Kaitlyn started off the season with some high scores. However, with time, things changed as she struggled to maintain the same performance. In the latest episode (November 2), Kaitlyn tried her best to bring back the same energy as she once did. 

While she managed to do so to some extent, the judges thought there were some things she could work on. Carrie Ann Inaba was particular about the things where Kaitlyn went wrong. There came a moment where Artem stood up for Kaitlyn and justified their dance move. Unfortunately, it did not seem to shake Carrie Ann much. 



Fans thought Carrie was being extremely harsh towards Artem and Kaitlyn. Some wondered if it was because the pair had dated. "Carrie Ann is TOO hard on Kaitlyn and Artem. Like what is it? I’m so sorry but it’s a little bit too much now," read one comment. Another added," So I’m thinking Carrie Ann is lowballing Kaitlyn cause Artem is her ex? Like idk why else."



"The overall giddy demeanor Carrie Ann has for literally ANYONE else over Kaitlynn and Artem is really noticeable and I would feel so uncomfortable and targeted if I were them," read another comment. Meanwhile, others were quick to point out how Carrie was being extremely harsh towards women on the show. 


They questioned her judging and stated it was time for her to go. "We cannot keep Carrie Ann after this! She gots to go! I demand a new judge! I’m sicuuuudd," read one comment. Another added, "Carrie Ann needs to go..b***h is always salty as f**k." 

Carrie and Artem had dated for three years but the pair decided to end their relationship on a good note. Seeing how things have been going in the competition, fans do have questions about how personal relationships might be affecting the show. 

'Dancing With The Stars' airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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