'Dancing With the Devil': Five reasons to watch Demi Lovato's tell-all on Youtube even if you're not her fan

'Dancing With the Devil' sees family and friends being brutally honest about the two sides to the famed singer

                            'Dancing With the Devil': Five reasons to watch Demi Lovato's tell-all on Youtube even if you're not her fan
Demi Lovato in a still from 'Dancing with the Devil (YouTube)

Demi Lovato fan or not, if you've watched the trailer of 'Dancing With The Devil', chances are you're going to be a lot more curious about the woman behind the voice. Lovato is someone who has been in the spotlight for decades now and begun her career with Disney's 'Camp Rock' with Joe Jonas.

But like many other child stars, including Britney Spears, the pressure of life in the spotlight showed up in several ways from eating disorders to struggles with mental health and, of course, addiction issues.

Lovato has certainly had a life less ordinary, but you may think so have many other musicians who have struggled with similar issues. Here's why we think 'Dancing With The Devil' is definitely worth a watch.


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Demi Lovato is the subject of 'Dancing With the Devil' (Getty Images)

1. 'Dancing With the Devil' is an actual tell-all

We've seen plenty of so-called behind-the-scenes documentaries on pop icons from Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga. But while these documentaries are meant to give fans a fly-on-the-wall experience, often they turn out to be as manicured and packaged as the rest of the singers' careers.

'Dancing With the Devil', however, is not that sort of film. From what we can see in the trailer, Lovato doesn't gloss over her overdose that almost killed her and the three strokes and a heart attack that resulted from it. It's not often that we get such candor from a celebrity and kudos to Lovato for having the courage to be so raw.

2. A true survivor's tale 

Lovato's story could serve as a cautionary tale for many on the hazards of being thrust into the spotlight too young, but considering all that she has gone through and is still standing, it can also serve as a highly inspirational story, particularly for those battling addiction. While many creative forces have struggled with addiction, there is often not enough of a backstory to understand what leads them to such a position in the first place.

However, in 'Dancing With the Devil' based on initial reviews coming in, it seems that filmmaker Michael D Ratner peels away at the layers that led to Lovato's drug overdose in 2018. This is important especially for others who struggle with addiction, to understand where their own addiction stems from.

3. Why Lovato had tough time with personal relationships

Lovato has often seemed close to finding her happily ever after, but it has somehow always eluded her. We get to see why Lovato may have difficulty in intimate relationships when it comes to light that Lovato lost her virginity to rape as a teenager. She was also sexually assaulted by the dealer who gave her the drugs which led to her overdose. 

4.Two sides of Lovato

It's not often someone will admit to being two-faced, especially not in a film meant for millions of fans, but 'Dancing With the Devil' seems to do just that. It shows how Lovato was able to conceal another side of herself so well, that even those closest to her couldn't see beneath the veneer. Friends and family don't hold back from insinuating that Lovato is a good liar. This couldn't have been easy for Lovato to face and this is just one more reason why this candor is to be appreciated.

5. Who played a part in her recovery

Lovato might be in a more stable place at the moment, but who are the people who have helped her get there? According to initial reviews, a lot of focus is placed on controversial celebrity manager Scooter Braun. Braun continued to work with Lovato even after her relapse and is portrayed in 'Dancing With the Devil' as the complete opposite of Demi's previous controlling team. 

You can catch the trailer of 'Dancing With the Devil' below. You can catch the four-part series on YouTube on March 23.


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