Damon Wayans Jr. seeks custody of daughters from 'Basketball Wives' ex Aja Metoyer over her "inability to prioritize" their education

Wayans Jr. claims that Metoyer is incapable of prioritizing their 13 and 15 year old daughters needs, and constantly puts her own before theirs.

                            Damon Wayans Jr. seeks custody of daughters from 'Basketball Wives' ex Aja Metoyer over her "inability to prioritize" their education

Damon Wayans Jr. has questioned his baby mama, Aja Metoyer's, credibility when it comes to spending all the child support money he pays her! And out of the same curiosity, probably, he has now slammed her with legal documents, demanding custody of their children.

Things went down between the parents on Friday, when the 'Happy Together' actor informed Metoyer through court papers that he wants to change their current custody arrangement. Meaning, he wants to gain full custody of their kids, on the accounts of Metoyer not taking their daughters' education seriously, as reported by The Blast. The outlet also mentioned how Metoyer's habits of spending child support money is being questioned by Wayan Jr since she gets child support money from both him and NBA star Dwyane Wade, with whom she shares a son.



Wayans Jr. and Meteyor - of Basketball Wives fame - are raising two daughters, aged 13 and 15. Currently, Meteyor enjoys physical custody of both the girls and together with Wayan Jr., she shares joint legal custody.

At the same time, Wayan Jr also added in a court declaration that he wants primary custody of the children during the week. The actor - whose new season of Happy Together premieres on CBS next months, believes the girls are suffering in school because of their mother's “inability to prioritize their education.”

He adds that the children are “habitually absent” or even tardy to class - and that isn't all the alleged problems he sees with Metoyer's parenting. He went on to argue that since she has primary custody, it is her job to get the children to school on time and ensure their homework is done properly too.

The legal papers also complained that Metoyer - who also has a son with basketball player, Wade - constantly “puts her own needs before those” of the children. And this includes allegedly taking one of their children on a cruise vacation particularly when she was supposed to be in summer school.


But this isn't the only time Metoyer has been under the shade of controversy though, as her previous one involved giving birth to Wade's son back in 2013, when he was on a break with Gabrielle Union. Wade and Union later got married in 2014. Wayans Jr. told the court, “I do not know how [Metoyer] spends the child support money she receives from me or the father of [Metoyer’s] other child, a 4-year-old whose father is basketball star Dwayne [sic] Wade.”

Wayans Jr also claims that his daughters are often left to care for their half-brother, Xavier - who is Metoyer and Wade's child. The court mediation between Wayans and his ex is set for October 31.