Jon Stewart is ready to emerge from the shadows and waltz back into the limelight

The previous season of 'Dancing with the Stars' was the shortest of all seasons and featured athletes such as Josh Norman, Chris Mazdzer, Johnny Damon and Tonya Harding

                            Jon Stewart is ready to emerge from the shadows and waltz back into the limelight
Jon Stewart (Source: Getty Images)

Jon Stewart, one of the most beloved liberal comedians in all of America – once even considered to be the most trustworthy source of news in the country – is reportedly planning a comeback, cutting his retirement short. However, he is not eyeing to take back his throne at 'The Daily Show' from Trevor Noah or even a new satirical (more real than fake) news show. He allegedly has his mind set on the mirrorball trophy. 

According to Radar Online, Jon is all set to step out of his comfort zone and waltz his way into the limelight. The 55-year-old TV show host had bid adieu to 'The Daily Show' in October 24, 2015 and he has clearly been enjoying his time away maintaining a beautiful 45-acres farm sanctuary in Middletown, New Jersey. 

He did what most of dream of doing — him and his licensed vet technician wife are taking care of rescued cows, sheep, turkeys, goats and other animals together. According to The Two River Times that published an article about Jon and Tracey's farm ambitions in 2016, “Abused farm animals rescued from slaughter houses, kill piles, live markets and roadsides would be housed and rehabilitated at the farm. The animals would live out their natural lives experiencing individual care and compassion by a licensed veterinarian.”

However, the 55-year-old has had his fill of the retired life and is all set for his comeback. According to the insiders, “His wife, Tracey, is encouraging him to do it. They’re big fans of the show, and he’s starting to realize this would give him a great platform to boost any of his future projects!” 

If the rumors are true, then Jon's addition would be perfect for the competitive reality show which is known to feature more c-list celebrities and soap opera stars. “They’re looking for bigger stars and want to ditch the soap opera c-listers looking to hookup with each other," reports Radar Online. 

The ratings of the once popular show are also dropping and the addition of someone like Jon would only serve to improve them. “It’s no secret ratings have been dropping — and ABC is pinning all its hopes on somebody like Jon to make the show a hit again!”

The previous season of 'Dancing with the Stars,' the shortest of all seasons, saw athletes such as Josh Norman, Arike Ogunbowale, Chris Mazdzer, Johnny Damon, Mirai Nagasu, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jamie Anderson, Jennie Finch, and Tonya Harding fighting for the mirrorball trophy. In the end, it was figure skater Adam Rippon that walked away with the big prize.

If Jon were to join the cast, he definitely would not have to worry about getting voted by America. Most of us want him as our president, but we will settle for winner of 'Dancing with the Stars.' 

The upcoming season 27 of the show is expected to premiere during fall 2018 cycle.