Dad whose daughter was raped months after JonBenet Ramsey’s murder believes both girls’ attacker was same

'There are so many similarities between the two cases that I think there's a very good chance it was the same person,' the girl’s father noted

Dad whose daughter was raped months after JonBenet Ramsey’s murder believes both girls’ attacker was same
JonBenet Ramsey was kiled in December 1996 (JonBenet Ramsey/Facebook)

BOULDER, COLORADO: Months after JonBenet Ramsey was found dead inside her home in Boulder, Colorado, on December 26, 1996, another girl was sexually assaulted in the middle of the night inside her residence. The other girl, only identified as Amy, was reportedly only 12 when she was raped not very far away from the Ramsey home on September 14, 1997.

As per reports, the six-year-old child beauty queen and Amy used to attend the same dance class. On the day when the pre-teen child was attacked, she had gone out with her mother for a movie while the father was not in town because of work. They reportedly came home late in the night and after putting Amy in bed and switching on the burglar alarm, her mother also went to sleep.



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The US Sun reported that “within a matter of hours, Amy would wake in her bed to find a man, dressed from head to toe in black clothing, standing over her with his hand clamped over her mouth. The attacker addressed Amy by her first name, repeating several times: ‘I know who you are ... I'll knock you out, shut up.’” It has been alleged that the rapist not just raped the child but also threatened her to do sexual acts on him.

However, fortunately, Amy’s mother woke up on time after hearing sounds coming from her child's room and managed to save her daughter. But by the time, Boulder police came to the house, the sexual assaulter had disappeared, and is yet to be identified and found. Now, Amy’s father, whose identity has not been revealed, has come forward with his own theories and years of probing, implying that in his daughter’s as well as JonBenet’s cases, the attacker was the same.

He told The Sun, “There are so many similarities between the two cases that I think there's a very good chance it was the same person. In both cases, this is someone who was able to get past an alarm, past a dog, and was probably hiding inside the home for some time before attacking. It looks like someone who hid in the house while people were out and then came out in the middle of the night after they came home and locked up. The only difference is my daughter survived. But had it not been for my wife being a light sleeper, we may have been in the newspapers for the same reasons as the Ramsey family.”

Amy’s father also mentioned the dance school, where his daughter and JonBenet used to take lessons. He said, “It was a fairly open place that you could just come and go from. If you were someone who wanted to sit and watch young girls dance, that would've been a good place to do it. It was very easy to come and go undetected. I think someone could've drawn a bead on [Amy] there and put us under some kind of surveillance that we weren't aware of at the time. It's hard to say for certain but it seems to be a strong possibility.”

The man claimed that he had gone to the local police several times regarding his daughter’s case and also tried to make them understand why he believes both incidents were associated. But he alleged, “They were completely uninterested ... they didn't care about my daughter's case and they didn't even really care about the Ramsey case. I'd contact them regularly, asking if they'd looked into this or that and they'd just lie to me. We asked to see some mugshots of sex offenders in the area to see if [Amy] or my wife recognized anyone but we were told that wouldn't be any good. We asked them to send someone over to make a composite sketch of the suspect using my wife's eyewitness description but they refused. The Denver Police Department even offered to help them out with the case but they said they had it covered and they knew what they were doing. But they wouldn't hear anything about this being linked to JonBenet.”

He stated, “They didn't seem to be able to get off the idea that someone in the Ramsey family was responsible for her death. The level of incompetence was pretty impressive, but the worst thing was that they were dishonest. I had a number of pretty intense confrontations with the chief of police at the time, who also lied about multiple things - so it was an eye-opener for sure.”

Accusing Boulder PD of negligence, Amy’s dad explained, “I told them that I had uncovered a series that seemed to be a serial rapist interested in girls and young women and this got to the Boulder PD rape crisis team and they called me and told me to mind my own business. They told me there was no such thing and no such reports, and so I spoke to the police and they told me it also wasn't possible.”

“They told me the cases couldn't possibly be linked because they occurred in different parts of town. I said, 'well have you ever heard of a bicycle or a car? You really think someone can't go from one neighborhood to the other?' There was just massive disinterest in this on the part of the police and anything that may have been linked to the JonBenet case. They were convinced at the time that the Ramseys had done it and they weren't interested in hearing about anything else - regardless of whether anyone else was at risk or anything,” he revealed to The Sun.

Slamming the authorities, Amy’s dad added, “I think if they'd actually investigated the Ramsey murder, a lot of other people in town who were accosted in various ways probably wouldn't have been harmed. If they would've investigated any number of the things we found or better-preserved evidence in the JonBenet case, I think they would've had a good chance of finding the perpetrator. But it was just abysmal, irresponsible police work. They really should be ashamed of themselves.”


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