Where is Cynthia Scurtis now? Alex Rodriguez spotted with ex-wife at event after his split with Jennifer Lopez

After divorce in 2008, A-Rod went on to date Jennifer Lopez while Scurtis fell off the radar for a bit. She's now back in the public eye as we see from Rodriguez's Instagram

                            Where is Cynthia Scurtis now? Alex Rodriguez spotted with ex-wife at event after his split with Jennifer Lopez
Cynthia Scurtis and her husband Angel Nicolas (Angel Nicolas via Instagram) and Alex Rodriguez (Alex Rodriguez via Instagram)

Alex Rodriguez has been hogging the limelight after the news of his split with longtime girlfriend Jennifer Lopez hit the Internet. Any news about the MLB All Star is now being lapped up hoping to find a clue to what may have led to the couple calling off their two-year engagement. Looking back at the baseball star's life, one would find that he has experienced another publicized split earlier in his life. It was in his marriage to Cynthia Scurtis.

Though the high-profile marriage of Rodriguez and Scurtis didn't last long, it certainly put the Greek beauty in the public eye. Scurtis spent years being dogged by the media as she built a life and family with the baseball star, between 2002 and 2008. However, all that changed when Scurtis filed for divorce on July 7, 2008, citing "emotional abandonment" and Rodriguez's extramarital affairs as the reason. After they settled later that year, Scurtis somewhat fell out of the public eye as A-Rod's affair with JLo gained attention. While Rodriguez continued to live, and date, in the spotlight, Scurtis was not as visible.


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Alex Rodriguez's ex Cynthia Scurtis might not like Jennifer Lopez, but she's not the reason they got divorced

Alex Rodriguez and his wife Cynthia Scurtis arrive at the opening of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club at The Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino December 30, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Getty Images)

That is, until very recently. Rodriguez shared a photo on Instagram taken from a Boys and Girls Club of America event on May 5 where the club inducted seven new Club alumni into their Alumni Hall of Fame. In the series of images, you can spot Rodriguez, his kids Natasha and Ella and notably Scurtis. It is the first high-profile involvement of Scurtis since their divorce, which begs the question - where has she been? Here's what we know about her life after her divorce and how she's found a new love in Miami.

Alex Rodriguez at Boys & Girls Club Hall of Fame induction with his children, ex-Cynthia Scurtis and Angel Nicolas. (Alex Rodriguez via Instagram)

Where is Cynthia Scurtis now?

The former couple's love story is well documented, but what happened after their divorce is still a bit of a mystery. We don't know how much they settled for, only that they did for an unknown amount in 2008. According to reports, Scurtis demanded the couple's $12m Coral Gables estate and full custody of Natasha and Ella. Since then, Rodriguez has reportedly been "an active" part of their lives, even attending Natasha's high school graduation. The pair had their first child, Natasha Alexander in November 2004.

Apart from the brief clash over child support, the former couple has remained mostly on good terms. It is reported that Scurtis became a real estate developer in Miami, and uses her psychology degree to volunteer with several women's groups. The Sun reports, to date, Scurtis has a net worth of an eye-watering $10 million. She also moved on personally, marrying entrepreneur Angel Nicolas. It's unclear when the two got together or got married, but they are now a happy couple and even share their own child - Camilla. Nicolas posted an image on June 19, 2020 with the caption, "Happy anniversary my love!", so we are guessing they got married in June 2019. 



Nicolas has posted multiple images of Scurtis and his family on his Instagram, so we have some idea of where she is and what she's up to these days. Scurtis' own Instagram profile is private, so we haven't been able to get a very close look at her life. Judging by Nicolas' account, the two are happily married and enjoying their life together in Miami. Thanks to Instagram, we've seen Scurtis enjoy a holiday at Disney World and even get married on the Greek island of Paros. We also know the couple are still seriously fit, having recently worked out at 54D in Coral Gables. In her first marriage, the pair were married at Cynthia's grandfather's mansion in Texas in 2002. 

They also seem to have a very good relationship with Rodriguez, since both Scurtis and Nicolas were present at the awards ceremony, smiling as they posed for a photo. So it does seem like even though Scurtis isn't in the spotlight she's doing just fine and living life large in Florida. 

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