Superheroes to witches: Here are all the great shows premiering on CW this week

CW's schedule for the upcoming week features great shows like 'The Flash', 'Black Lightning', 'Charmed', 'Supergirl', 'Supernatural' and 'Riverdale'

                            Superheroes to witches: Here are all the great shows premiering on CW this week

Get ready to become a couch potato this week as CW's schedule is loaded with a variety of genres and sees the return of different series for the fall. From superheroes to witches and reboots, here is the rundown of the week ahead on CW. 

To start off, one of CW's most famous series 'The Flash' is set to return this week along with 'Black Lightning'. The reboot of 'Charmed' is also set to debut on Sunday along with 'Supergirl' too. Apart from this, 'Supernatural' is also back along with a new thriller from 'Riverdale'. 

Check out the full rundown below so you can decide what to watch when: 

The Flash 'Nora' — Tuesday, 8 pm

The season premiere reveals Barry and Iris who try to return an unexpected guest who has arrived from the future back to her time. 


Black Lightning 'The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies' — Tuesday, 9 pm

The season premiere shows Jefferson Pierce and his family who survived Tobia's attack are still stuck in the woods. You also see Jennifer who struggles with her powers and, in the end, her actions lead to unexpected impact. And, much to the dismay of Agent Odell, Lynn still goes on with her quest. 


Riverdale 'Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day' — Wednesday, 8 pm

Season 3 starts off with amurder trial and Archie reveals how he wants to spend his final summer days. Veronica begs her father to help Archie before the verdict is announced. Following whic,h Jughead leads the Serpents against the latest attack by the Ghoulies. 


Supernatural 'Stranger in a Strange Land' — Thursday, 8 pm

The season begins with the reveal that Micheal is in Dean's body. Jack, on the other hand, loses his powers and is fully human now. He is trying to adjust without his powers and live life as a human. Finally, Jack, Sam, and Castle try to save Dean. 


Supergirl 'American Alien' — Sunday, 8 pm

There is a new reporter at CatCo and Kara welcomes her. You find James and Lena arguing. Alex and Brainy, meanwhile, find it hard to get in sync at the DEO. 


Charmed 'Pilot' — Sunday, 9 pm

After the sad and tragic death of their mother, Mel and Maggie are shocked when they discover that they have an elder sister. The three then begin to portray new abilities that they find strange in the beginning.