‘Cup of Joe’: Joe Jonas follows Anthony Bourdain's approach to find the soul of new places on Quibi show

Jonas is all set to feature in the travel series, where he will visit different cities and it reminds us of the legend who redefined travel and adventure

                            ‘Cup of Joe’: Joe Jonas follows Anthony Bourdain's approach to find the soul of new places on Quibi show
Anthony Bourdain and Joe Jonas (Getty Images)

There are travel and food shows, there are adventure shows, and then there are shows about exploring a place for what it holds for the explorer. Visiting a city is not always about sampling the finest local food, or heading to popular attractions. For those who want to discover a place in its true essence, they do a little more than just 'travel'. They experience, feel, and find themselves in places where tourists usually wouldn’t go.

When it comes to expecting something like this from a travel show, we can’t help but reminisce about the legendary Anthony Bourdain. The late food critic, traveler, and explorer was always on the lookout for things that are unknown, unheard, unseen by the mainstream eyes, things that typical travel shows or tourism guides will not tell you about. He would see beyond the places for their popularity and look into the nooks and crannies of a city/town/country and discover a different shade of the place, making you fall in love with the same place, differently.

If we could take the liberty to say that something like that might be in store for travel lovers soon, would it be too far-fetched? We leave that for a later discussion and for you to determine, while we move on what made us think of Bourdain today. You would have definitely heard about Joe Jonas’s upcoming travel series on the all-new mobile streaming network, Quibi. The eight-part series will dish out bite-sized episodes, each showcasing Jonas in a new city, while he is on his next concert tour with his brothers. The show will also feature celebrity guests in conversation with the handsome performer.

The idea is not to see the city for its popular tourist attractions, but to sample coffee. Yes, you heard that right! For those of you who don't know, Jonas’s Instagram handle is titled ‘Cup of Joe’, signifying the classic morning cuppa that wakes everyone up around the world. Jonas takes on this exploration with the objective to sample the best coffee that each of these cities has to offer.

He is a global superstar and a celebrated musician, singer, songwriter, and an influencer. So, it is safe to assume he is well-traveled. Ergo, if a destination draws him close, again and again, it is not because it’s listed by a travel website but because he found something that connects to him deeply.

In a recent interview about his upcoming travel show, Jonas mentioned what he intends to do on ‘Cup of Joe’. “You often think you know about a certain place or a person until you take some time to dig deeper. I’m fortunate to get to travel around the world through my profession and you often see me on the other side of the lens, but ‘Cup of Joe’ is giving me the opportunity to dig a little deeper and point the lens at some of the world’s most interesting people… and some more of the weird, fun things I’m into,” he said.

So you see, his travel goals go beyond the tangible things and into the underlying essence of the place's cultural tapestry, even if it’s an international, cosmopolitan place like Amsterdam or New York City. Every city has its unique flavor, and Joe Jonas wants you explore it, with all your senses open.

Now, does this approach to travel remind you of Anthony Bourdain? We would love to know what you think.

‘Cup of Joe’ drops on Quibi on April 27, 2020.

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