$1B franchise 'CSI' may make a comeback and we hope the original cast members return too

'CSI - Crime Scene Investigation' was the most popular TV show in its time

                            $1B franchise 'CSI' may make a comeback and we hope the original cast members return too
Jorja Fox and William Petersen (David Livingston/Getty Images)

'CSI - Crime Scene Investigation', one of TV's largest and most recognized franchises may be preparing for a comeback to mark its 20th anniversary. The show originally aired in the year 2000. Sources have said that the comeback will be from Jason Tracey, CBS TV Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer TV. As famous as the franchise is, we're hoping that a few of the OGs make it back to screen.

The show originally followed a team of investigators that worked for the Las Vegas Police Department to solve morbid murders. The show's original cast included William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Jorja Fox, George Eads, Gary Dourdan and Paul Guilfoyle. Laurence Fishburne later replaced William Petersen as the lead and then Fishburne was replaced by Ted Danson. What have some of the original members have been doing in the industry since?

Marg Helgenberger who played Catherine Willows is now starring in the CBS series 'All Rise,' as Judge Lisa Benner. Since the end of CSI, she's been on television. She played Mrs. Hanover in 'King of the Hill' (2004), Lilian Strand in 'Intelligence' (2014) and Christine Price in 'Under the Dome' (2015).

William Petersen, who has production credits of 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' has been in 'Haven' (2001) as Jackson Connolly, as Col. Emmett Darrow in 'Manhattan' and in one episode of 'Without a Trace' (as Gil Grissom) and 'Blue' (as Mitch). 

After she left CSI in 2007, Jorja Fox produced 'Stay Forever: The Life and Music of Dusty Springfield,' a musical that starred Kirsten Holly Smith. The musical was about the public and private life of bisexual musician Dusty Springfield. She is also the co-founder of Honeypot Productions, a  theatre company in Los Angeles. As for television, she made an appearance on one episode of ' Drop Dead Diva' as Marianne Neely.

When it first premiered, 'CSI' had a slow start but picked up to become the most-watched series on TV and Thursday nights were dedicated to the franchise. It bid goodbye in 2015 after 15 seasons and as a $1B franchise with four of series, 'CSI', 'CSI: Miami', 'CSI: New York' and 'CSI: Cyber'. Can we expect to see the original show leads come back if the comeback of the show is confirmed? Well, we hope so.

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