Creation Nation on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and a look at the world's first protein bar and bite mixes

Trying to figure out a fuss-free way to stick to your diet plans? Creation Nation might just be what you and your pantry needs

                            Creation Nation on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and a look at the world's first protein bar and bite mixes
The founder of Creation Nation, 'the world’s first Protein Bar & Bite Mixes' presents her pitch on 'Shark Tank' (@sharktankabc/ Instagram)

While following a vegan, paleo and keto diet certainly helped a large number of people maintain a healthy lifestyle, finding the right products that suit your dietary restrictions is no easy feat. Although this market has seen massive growth over the years, products that are easy to make and cost-effective are two things that don't go hand in hand.

Luckily, there is one product on the block that has revolutionized the scene since its inception. Enter Creation Nation, a delicious diet-friendly mix that lets you prepare your own protein bars and energy balls in just a few simple steps.


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What is Creation Nation?

For people trying to maintain keto, paleo or vegan diets, finding healthy and delicious snack options isn't always easy. While there has been a surge of products over the years, seeing that diets have gained popularity, it's often not that easy to make snacks on the go, seeing that these diets require a range of ingredients that might not always be readily or easily available.

Especially when it comes to snacks like cookies, bars and brownies, you might as well bid farewell to those, seeing that all-purpose flour and sugar are the star ingredients there. But for those of you who do find yourself trying to stick to these diets and don't want to compromise on your food options, Creation Nation is here to solve all your snacking woe!

Protein bar and bite mixes, Creation Nation is all the dry ingredients you require to make a healthy snack. All you have to do is mix the dry ingredients with nut butter or syrup of your choice to make and mould your snacks! You can add sugar or sweeteners too, it depends entirely on you!

As per the website, Creation Nation is 'on a mission to empower you with: Personalized Nutrition, Homemade Taste, Unparalleled Freshness, Superior Value, Gluten Free, Organic Superfoods, No-bake Family Fun!'


Who is the founder?

Meet the woman behind it all, Karen Nation, the founder of Creation Nation. Nation founded her company back in 2014 and as per her LinkedIn profile, lists that it is 'the world’s first Protein Bar & Bite Mixes.'

Nation's story behind her brand is an inspiring one, seeing that it was born out of necessity. A Nutrition specialist, she spent some time in foster homes, where she quickly realized that families were unable to provide for her, with regard to her food allergies.

Spending money on expensive energy bars and snacks that didn't even taste good was not an option for Nation, so she began making her very own instead. Her recipes were an instant hit with her nutrition clients and friends, seeing that everyone wanted to customize it to fit their own needs.


It was then that Nation realized that she had the potential for a product that allowed people to do just that. And in 2014, Creation Nation was born. In 2016, her brand even went on the win the Best New Category Development at the Bridge2Food, 6th annual Sports and Performance Nutrition Awards.

What is the cost and where to buy?

Creation Nation has multiple products to suit your every need, seeing that they have paleo, keto and vegan mixes. The mixes are also free of the following ingredients -- preservatives, gluten, soy, wheat, rice, grains (except 'oat chocolate chip), gut disturbing inulin, FOS or IMO isomalto-oligosaccharides, gut disturbing Sugar Alcohols (No Maltitol, Xylitol, Erythritol), artificial sweeteners, HFCS / corn syrup, added oils, emulsifiers, fillers, gums, dyes and GMOs

You can purchase the same on their website. Each pack makes around 24 balls and retails at $7.49 onwards, depending on which pack and flavor you pick. The website also has a variety pack that consists of two energy bite mixes and two protein bar bite mixes that retail for $32.97. You can also purchase the products on Amazon and Thrive Market as well. You can also purchase the product at Costco, Walmart and Whole Foods.



Where is Creation Nation now?

Creation Nation is currently enjoying its hard-earned success, seeing that it retails at a range of stores and even online as well. The brand continues to engage its audiences by taking to social media to frequently post recipes and videos, allowing people to get creative with their mixes.


Who will steal the deal?

Whenever there is a food and beverage industry investment to be made, you can count on Alex Rodriguez to take the bait. According to Stats for Sharks, Rodriguez has spent over $650,000 on food-based products and the Creation Nation might just be the next investment in his portfolio.

Former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez has been a part of 'Shark Tank' since season 9 (Getty Images)

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