Cravity drop fresh, summer fun music video for 'Cloud 9' and it is already sending fans' hearts soaring

Just in time for the summer season, Cravity take their fans on an exciting road trip to 'Cloud 9'

                            Cravity drop fresh, summer fun music video for 'Cloud 9' and it is already sending fans' hearts soaring
(Starship Entertainment)

K-pop rookie boy band Cravity has just released the music video for 'Cloud 9' from their debut album, 'Cravity Season1 [Hideout: Remember Who We Are]'.

Following their debut single 'Break All The Rules', an intensely thrilling and energetic track with an equally exhilarating video that declared the group was charging full speed ahead towards their goals, Cravity have put out the music video for 'Cloud 9', the fun, tropical b-side off their debut mini-album that showcases a different side of the nine members to their fans.

The upbeat track is paired with some fresh visuals perfect for the summer season in addition to highlighting the group's ability to take on versatile concepts with ease. The video sees the members going on a fun road trip, taking their fans along with them for the ride to 'Cloud 9' which includes gorgeous shots of an oasis along with outdoor picnics that sees the members chomping down on watermelons, all while performing a perfectly synchronized dance routine, of course.

Cravity (Starship Entertainment)

Speaking about the track, vocalist Seongmin states, "We made many great memories through this track during the hot summer days! Whenever I listen to this song, it makes me think of delightful moments where we spent time together practicing our choreography, shooting the photos and the music video. It’s like a treasure, which makes me extremely happy." Lead vocalist Wonjin adds, "This track makes us laugh together and brings us lots of energy and happiness. It makes our bond stronger thus making our teamwork improve. It helps us to unite as one." Rapper and leader Serim shares, “It’s a great pleasure that we are able to show our fans our very refreshing track 'Cloud 9'. It definitely has a different atmosphere from our title track 'Break All The Rules', so please look forward to it!"

Fans are already swooning following the video's release. "Cravity's Cloud 9 mv was so cute and the song is a straight bop," read one tweet while one commenter on YouTube joked, "Starship: How many fans do you want to melt? Cravity: yes." The video is evidently a hit among the Cravity fandom, as one fan shared, "LUVITYS DO NOT STOP STREAMING CLOUD 9 WE ARE NEAR 1 MILLION VIEWS GJSKFNDM." In case you didn't quite catch that, the video, that dropped on June 17, is already about to cross its first major milestone of one million views.


The video for 'Cloud 9' follows the release of Cravity's debut album, which caused a wave of intrigue and excitement here in the states, with mentions in PAPER Magazine, Access, iHeart, J-14, MTV News, Earmilk, and Rolling Stone who referred to their title track as "An anthemic track from the K-pop rookies that combines 808-style riffs with the melodic sensibilities of early-2000s boybands (extended dance break included)."

In addition to that, Cravity made a splash on social media following their debut at No. 12 on Billboard's Social 50 chart for the week dated April 25. Band member Serim described the album as being equal parts exciting and comforting back when it released on April 14, and 'Break The Rules' and 'Cloud 9' encompass those two extremes perfectly. Follow Cravity on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify for more.

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