Courtney Love disses Lily James who plays Pamela Anderson in ‘Pam & Tommy’: ‘Shame on her whoever the f**k she's’

Courtney Love disses Lily James who plays Pamela Anderson in ‘Pam & Tommy’: ‘Shame on her whoever the f**k she's’
Courtney Love has shown her support to Pamela Anderson while criticizing Lily James (Getty Images)

Pamela Anderson’s friend Courtney Love has heavily criticized the upcoming Hulu miniseries ‘Pam & Tommy’ which will document the leaked sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Taking to Facebook on Friday, May 15, the 56-year-old singer-songwriter shared a photo of an article about the limited series as she began, “I find this so f**king outrageous.”

Love went on to write in the social media post, which seems to be deleted now, “When Pam / Tommy sex tape was out / myself @pattyschemel @xmadmx were making a record. And the lone women in many recording studios in LA. Where all / ALL! The staff engineers / producers / owners / were watching the sex tape with huge schadenfraude.. Guffaws, It was disgusting. I banned anyone discussing it.. It destroyed my friend Pamelas life. Utterly.”


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Pamela Anderson attends an A Muse photo call (Getty Images)

In her post, she also said, “Last week I was asked to approve using a Rolling Stone cover of mine / shot by Mark Seliger in this piece of s**t," Love wrote. "That they had approved. I said 'f**k no.' shocked. Gentleman don't approve this sort of thing,” before adding, “My heart goes out to Pammy ♥️♥️ further causing her complex trauma. And shame on Lily James whoever the f**k she is. #vile.”

Courtney Love attends the GQ Men Of The Year Awards (Getty Images)

According to reports, Anderson was once married to Lee. The pair exchanged vows in 1995 before separating from each other in 1998. They share two sons together — Brandon, 24, and Dylan, 23. It has been said that during their time together, the couple took part in a notorious sex tape. The tape was then reportedly stolen by a man who sold it to a porn company. For the Hulu miniseries, Seth Rogen is playing the role of that man.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson (Getty Images)


About the sex tape, Anderson in 2015 on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ had said: “I've never seen it. I made not one dollar. It was stolen property. We made a deal to stop all the shenanigans. I was seven months pregnant with Dylan and thinking it was affecting the pregnancy with the stress and said, 'I'm not going to court anymore. I'm not being deposed anymore by these horny, weird lawyer men. I don't want to talk about my vagina anymore or my public sex — anything.’”

Meanwhile, recently The Sun reported that the 53-year-old actress is not happy with the limited eight-part series and called it a “cheap knockoff”. A friend of the ‘Baywatch’ star said, “Pamela has no intention of watching this God awful show, absolutely not. Never. She’s never heard of the actors playing her or Tommy, and doesn’t care to know them. She and her family think the show is a cheap knockoff. The whole thing is a joke to them.”

Actress Lily James attends the premiere of Disney's 'Cinderella' (Getty Images)

“Pamela finds it amusing that this girl is getting so much attention for playing her. Lily isn’t a match for Pamela, doesn't even come close, nor does Sebastian Stan do justice to Tommy,” the unnamed friend mentioned while adding: “That whole thing was extremely traumatic for Pamela, it was one of the most difficult experiences of her life. To have it dredged up for a TV show is pathetic. She won’t want to be reminded about it. They reached out, but it was an easy ‘no’ for Pamela. Her and Tommy have absolutely zero involvement in this project.”

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