Court stenographer Judy Bellinger reveals the TRUTH about viral Johnny Depp 'partying' clip

Court stenographer Judy Bellinger reveals the TRUTH about viral Johnny Depp 'partying' clip
The black-and-white clip featured court stenographer Judy Bellinger hugging Johnny Depp, then proceeding to meet others (Twitter)

After the verdict of the controversial defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was announced and Depp won, a video featuring court stenographer Judy Bellinger and the 58-year-old actor went viral on social media. The clip featured the stenographer hugging Depp, then proceeding to meet others.

The video received mixed and divided reactions on the Internet. While Depp's supporters loved the video, others speculated on the unbiasedness of the trial without knowing the actual truth. On June 2, Bellinger addressed the allegations of her partying with Depp during an interview with Law & Crime Network.


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Bellinger is not an employee of the Fairfax County court system. She is an employee of a private firm who was hired by the parties to transcribe the proceedings of the case. "So, after closing arguments, I finally decided I wanted to get out of the courthouse and just take a breather," said the stenographer. She revealed that she decided to get her oil changed during the break, but could not return to the courthouse in time.

Bellinger said Depp's attorneys, Benjamin Chew and Rebecca MacDowell, were kind enough to pack up her computer and promise to bring it to her. "I guess Johnny had told them he would really like to meet the court reporter, which was like, shocking to me. I'm like 'I'm just the court reporter.'" She added that the lawyers waited with her equipment in their hotel's hospitality room, and she went inside to get her equipment.


"I was in there for probably less than 10 minutes, and he just hugged me and thanked me again. And I hugged a couple of other people there, and I got my equipment, and I came out," Bellinger explained. She denied that she was at any after-party with Depp and further revealed that after leaving the hotel, she had a 50-minute drive back to her home.

"UPDATE: people are posting that court stenographer Judy from the #JohnnyDepp v. #AmberHeard trial was 'partying' with JD. It's NOT true. First, Judy is not a court employee. She was hired by the Depp and Heard teams. 2nd, she was not partying with him," tweeted Angenette Levy, host and correspondent at the Law and Crime Network.


"Judy was at that event for maybe 10 minutes. The courthouse closes at 4 and her gear was locked inside. Depp's lawyers collected it for her. She picked up her items and JD hugged her and she left," she wrote. "Judy is being targeted online. LEAVE HER ALONE. She did nothing wrong," Levy added. "I hope Judy Bellinger is having an amazing day," one user along with pictures of Depp and Bellinger greeting each other.



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