EXCLUSIVE | NBC's 'Council Of Dads' star J August Richards reveals why it's time for us to show up for the people we love

The show addresses a crisis situation within a family and the concept seems to resonate with the current global scenario where society at large has to deal with losses

                            EXCLUSIVE | NBC's 'Council Of Dads' star J August Richards reveals why it's time for us to show up for the people we love
J August Richards (Getty Images)

Sometimes, art imitates real life, sometimes life imitates art, and then there are times when art created independent of circumstances still fit perfectly into life. Based on Bruce Feiler's bestselling novel, 'Council of Dads' explores loss and the absence of a family patriarch inspired by the author's personal experience.

While at its core, it is essentially a story of a particular family, there is an underlying message that can be connected to the present-day social situation. We are living in the middle of a pandemic where the entire world is in crisis and as one of the show’s stars says, it seems to be "perfect for the current time".

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), actor J August Richards, who plays the role of Dr Oliver Post, shares his thoughts on how 'Council of Dads' came by just at the right time.

The show was planned and shot way before the world had to face the Coronavirus pandemic, but as people watch it now; its concept resonates with the current circumstances.

"The show is about how people show up for the people they love, in a time of crisis but also in everyday life, and I think that that is exactly what is happening in the world right now," says Richards.

One might say that it is hard to see or read about loss when you are in the middle of a global crisis. But Richards also gives us the reason why it makes the most sense in the current times.  

"It is indeed a challenge when you're in the midst of something you don't want to be reminded of it. But I think why people should watch the show is because it affirms who we are and what we're doing right now," he explains.

"The whole world is in a time of crisis and we are all showing up for one another. Whether it is by quarantining at home or by being a front line healthcare professional or by working at a grocery store or delivering the mail, we are showing up for one another and being present and that is exactly what the show is all about."

"That's why, I think it was perfect for this time," he concludes.

'Council of Dads' follows the story of the Perry family and how they cope with the loss of their father Scott Perry (Tom Everett Scott) when he dies of cancer.

Before his death, he creates a "council" with his friends, Larry (Michael O'Neill), Oliver (J August Richards), and Anthony (Clive Standen), to support and look after his family after he is gone.

Together, the three men become the collective father figure for Scott's children and learn that there's more to fatherhood than what one would imagine.

'Council of Dads' is returning to air on Thursday, April 30 at 8 pm / 7c on NBC.

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