‘Council of Dads’ Episode 5 Preview: Will Robin fall for Sam or hold herself back?

‘Council of Dads’ Episode 5 Preview: Will Robin fall for Sam or hold herself back?
Sarah Wayne Callies and David Walton (NBC)

Of late, the plot of ‘Council of Dads’ has been exploring the changes that Robin Perry (Sarah Wayne Callies) is experiencing emotionally. In the previous episode, ‘The Sixth Stage’ we saw her finally trying to move on from grieving her dead husband and making an effort to embrace life as it comes and welcome new things, new people, and new emotions. She even voices her desire to her friends and the “council” of Scott Perry’s (Tom Everett Scott) friends.

Taking a step into this bold new phase of her life, Robin tries to reach out to a friend from work. After sharing a kiss, she somehow holds herself back. Then she meets Sam (David Walton), a random stranger she encounters on her morning run. She senses a spark. The upcoming episode will deal with Robin’s next move in this newfound love interest. Reassessing her reactions in the previous episode, we wonder if she will be able to take a step forward with Sam.

We believe that although she is consciously ready for a new relationship, subconsciously, there are a few things that can make her hold herself back all over again. It is not just the instance with Henry but also other things that could stay in the back of her mind. For instance, when Theo Perry (Emjay Anthony), saw her kissing Henry, he lashed out. At that moment, despite her son’s disapproval, Robin sticks to her desire and makes it clear that he needs to accept his mother finally moving on.

The clips from the trailer show that Robin and Sam might plan a date and spend a cold fall evening by the boardwalk. Such an ambiance is bound to stir up more emotions in Robin, as well as Sam.

Take a look at what’s coming for Robin and Sam, as the next episode comes back:



What could be next for Robin? Will she give in to her heart? Also, if Robin manages to break free of her emotional reservations, will her family and friends support her? Guess, we have to wait and see what's next.

‘Council of Dads’ Episode 5 will air on May 28, 2020, at 8 pm/7c, only on NBC. 

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