'Council Of Dads' Episode 5 will not air next week, fans fear 'withdrawals' due to two-week hiatus

'Council Of Dads' Episode 5 will not air next week, fans fear 'withdrawals' due to two-week hiatus
Michael O'Neill as Larry Mills (NBC)

After only four episodes, NBC's 'Council of Dads' is going on a two-week break. Right after Episode 4, 'The Sixth Stage', the show's writers team put out a post on Twitter mentioning the next air date: "Next new episode airs in 2 weeks (next Thursday is @RedNoseDayUSA)! So see you for a holiday-filled Episode 5 Thursday 5/28! #CouncilofDads”

As soon as the show premiered in March and then continued with its weekly schedule, 'Council of Dads' had garnered a huge fan following. People who have been watching the show are not only fans of the actors working on it but also the story and the family dynamics. And now, even before the audience could settle in with the series, it goes on a break.

Fans took to Twitter as soon as the writers shared the tweet. One disappointed fan said, "MAY 28TH??!!!! That is sooooo far from now!!! Guess we'll just have to rewatch the first 4 epis just to survive our 'withdrawals'!! crying! @CODwriters #CouncilofDads."

Replying to the above comment, actor Michael O'Neill, who plays the character of Larry Mills, one of the 'dads' and a leading cast member, responded with a calming tweet: "Every time I rewatch, I see something new! #CouncilofDads @CouncilofDads."

Another fan, who was also not happy with the break, managed to agree with O'Neill and replied to his post: "Me, too, me too!!! This series keeps on giving and giving..... and touches our very soul. THAT is what great acting/writing is ALL about.....and we love you all!! #CouncilofDads."

No wonder fans are fearing "withdrawals" as it will not air for another couple of weeks, making them wait in suspense for what comes next! Unlike many shows, 'Council of Dads' has all its cast and crew very active on social media and have been connected to their audience from the very beginning. O'Neill is one of the most active members on Twitter and fans seem to enjoy interacting with the veteran actor.

He also added in following tweets that he is thankful to his fans for watching the show. Appreciating his performance on Episode 4, a fan responded, "You're most welcome, Mr. O'Neill!! You KILLED it tonight......#Larry made me laugh, made me cry...... sooooo many feelz, WOW!!! #CouncilofDads"

'The Sixth Stage' saw a major turning point in the lives of the Perrys, especially with Robin Perry (Sarah Wayne Callies) as she finally tries to move on in life, more so emotionally, after her husband Scott Perry's (Tom Everett Scott) sudden death. The episode, though focused on Robin, had a significant contribution from Larry who is trying his best to keep his friend's family together and be the father for the children.

'Council of Dads' will be back with Episode 5 on Thursday, May 28, at 8 pm/7 c on NBC.

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