‘Council of Dads’ Episode 3: Anthony's past stuns fans as they ask 'with friends like these, who needs enemies?'

In a yet another emotional episode, as more history of Scott’s friends come to light, fans are taken by surprise with what they learn about Anthony and his relationship with Luly

                            ‘Council of Dads’ Episode 3: Anthony's past stuns fans as they ask 'with friends like these, who needs enemies?'
Michele Weaver, Clive Standen in 'Council of Dads' (NBC)

Spoilers for Episode 3 'Who Do You Wanna Be?'

They say that a loss often comes with a lot more in return. But they never say that what comes could also be shocking and surprising. Scott Perry’s (Tom Everett Scott) death unraveled a lot of history of his friends, who now form the council. And this time around, we discovered Anthony Lavelle’s (Clive Standen) past and that has left fans out of sorts.

One fan wrote on Twitter, “Oh hell naw, Anthony slept with Michelle, fathered Luly and now he's holding hands with Robin?! With friends like these, who needs enemies? #CouncilofDads.”

We can understand the reason for that reaction. It is quite evident from the comment that the episode exposes the truth about Luly Perry’s (Michele Weaver) parental history. We always knew she was Scott’s child from his earlier relationship but so far, there were no details revealed. And now, as we see Luly’s mother, back in the picture, and with Anthony, it’s not hard to join the dots.

Seeing Anthony having a crush on Robin Perry (Sarah Wayne Callies), a fan angrily wrote, “Because he can't screw his best friend's girlfriend and then years hook up with his best friend's wife #CouncilofDads.”

To this, another fan seems to have a solution. “I'm going to need Anthony to get with Margot or hook up with Michelle," the user wrote. 

For context, Margot (Hilarie Burton) is the new entrant into this family-friends league and fans think that Anthony might have had a moment with her. With only three episodes down so far with the series, fans are already overwhelmed with the developments of the events as we know it.

If Anthony’s revelations were not enough, the episode 'Who Do You Wanna Be?' also explored a major upheaval in the lives of the Perry family -- when Robin decided to let the family business, Scott’s crab shack gets taken over. This was a huge turning point for everyone involved in Scott’s life.

One such overwhelmed fan found it difficult to absorb the new information about Anthony and the sale of the crab shack.

“Oh boy. What an episode @CouncilofDads. That’s a LOT to process for a Thursday night. I have so many questions!! #CouncilofDads," wrote the fan.

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