'Council of Dads' Episode 2: Michael O'Neill's touching post for families struggling with alcoholism wins fans

'Council of Dads' Episode 2: Michael O'Neill's touching post for families struggling with alcoholism wins fans
Michael O'Neill and Emjay Anthony (NBC)

Almost a month after it aired its pilot episode, 'Council of Dads' is back on air for its regular run and the second episode explored the lives and emotions of Scott Perry’s (Tom Everett Scott) family and friends after his sudden death.

As NBC's latest family drama finally returns, it is being warmly received by the audience and the show is already seeing a major fan following. This can also be attributed to the factor that most of the lead actors on the show are live-tweeting about their characters and sharing their thoughts on the show. Of all the stars tweeting, Michael O’Neill drew the most attention today.

O'Neill plays the role of Larry Mills, a recovering alcoholic, Scott’s sponsee and a very close friend. He shared an emotional post which made fans root for his character.

A support group appreciated the show and tweeted: "To the children of #alcoholicparents who are struggling with #alcoholism. Please get help. Don't repeat the cycle. Don't do it to your children. They deserve better. #CouncilOfDads #ThursdayNight #ThursdayThoughts #AlcoholismHurtsFamilies."

To this, O'Neill tweeted saying, "Such a good message. It makes me cry. @CouncilofDads does a good job portraying the consequences of this disease. #CouncilofDads."

Fans reacted to his tweet with their stories and responses on how they love Larry’s story and how it has touched them. "Larry, I was crying too. I've worked in positions where I've seen what happens to the teen & adult kids struggling with #alcoholism bc of their parents. Sadly, it can spin out of control. We appreciate your character's story. #CouncilOfDads #ThursdayNight #ThursdayThoughts," a fan said.

O’Neill further posted about Everett Scott’s character and said, "Keep coming back... more of @TomEScott will be seen. @CouncilofDads #CouncilofDads."

To this, another Twitter user, who has already become an O’Neill’s fan, responded, "DEFINITELY returning, Mr. O'Neill!! Been 'hooked' since watching the pilot on 03/24th!!! #LarryRULES #CouncilofDads."

"Just followed you @thisMicONeill! You have my support #CouncilofDads," said another fan.

Some fans also commented on specific scenes where they loved O’Neill's character and his performance.

Reacting to the scene where he teaches Theo Perry (Emjay  Anthony) how to ride a bike, a fan posted, "It was awesome to cheer him on from the sidelines! Great scene!"

Another fan commented on the ending scene featuring O’Neill among others, saying, “Replying to @thisMicONeill @jaugustrichards and @CouncilofDads That was such a great ending."

‘Council of Dads’ will air every Thursday, 8p/7c, only on NBC. You can also watch the reruns the following day on Hulu.

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