Pandemic Playlist: Our Top 5 The 1975 tracks that will make you go all trippy amid lockdown

Before 'Notes on a Conditional Form' by The 1975 releases, you need to get acquainted with these tracks

                            Pandemic Playlist: Our Top 5 The 1975 tracks that will make you go all trippy amid lockdown
Matthew Healy of The 1975 (Mackenzie Sweetnam/Getty Images)

The 1975 are set to release their new album 'Notes on a Conditional Form' just around the corner on May 22. We think the band's music is definitely one of the best to listen to under quarantine and what better way to get acquainted with these musical legends other than MEA WorldWide's (MEAWW) Pandemic Playlist! Check out our Top Five songs by The 1975 below.

'If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)'

This epic track not only caught our attention, but has already gained widespread critical acclaim and love from fans when it released on April 23. It has become their highest-peaking single on the UK Singles Chart with its No. 14 debut and peaked at No. 12 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart on May 2. 'If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)' is sonically addictive and super catchy.


'The Sound'

Released as a radio single in 2016, 'The Sound' also hit the UK Singles chart, peaking at No. 15. The song champions the '80s synth-pop sound the band are often associated with. Following the opening with a high-pitched chant of the chorus, 'The Sound' gets an off-beat pop groove on the piano as Matty Healy sings, "Well I know when you're around 'cause I know the sound. I know the sound, of your heart." 'The Sound' fires on all musical cylinders.


'The Ballad Of Me And My Brain'

Like many of The 1975's songs, 'The Ballad Of Me And My Brain' reveals the band's experimental leanings. Playing out like a warped emo ode to the state of being non compos mentis, the song mixes psychedelia with early 2000's radio rock as Healy sings lines like "Where would I be if I was my brain?" and "I jumped on a bus, declared my name. And asked if anybody had seen my brain." 'The Ballad Of Me And My Brain' is trippy, bizarre and appealing in its mystery and unlike The 1975's more popular songs, deserves to be recognized.


'A Change Of Heart'

The black-and-white video of 'A Change Of Heart', directed by Tim Mattia and written by Matty Healy, follows the antics of a sad sack circus clown played by the frontman himself. The clown ruins his chances of getting the girl he loves (a fellow clown) when their carnival date doesn't work out and he is left sitting under a rain cloud. 'A Change of Heart' reveals a certain freeing lightness, or playfulness, to its sound (there are moments it resonates Owl City), an attribute that seems to extend to most of The 1975's music and one of the things we think defines their catchiness.



It's hard not to instantly fall for a song named after the world's most loved treat, but The 1975's 'Chocolate', similarly to 'Girls', gets a funky guitar riff. Blending its energies, the song makes a beautiful addition to a chillout playlist, and as a hot number you can rock out/dance to. It's escapism while getting you to notice its creative brilliance. 'Chocolate' is not, however, about food. It is the band's euphemism for marijuana. Matty Healy explained to The Richie T Experience: "It's a love letter to the authority figures in our town — you know about small town boredom, both by the kids and by the police."


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