Pandemic Playlist: Perfect the art of sleeping like a cat with our dreamy mix of ambient, lazy and soothing music

We have put together a tender collection of songs you could easily snooze to. For those who enjoy resting their head to some laid-back tunes, look no further while we set your minds at ease amidst the pandemic

                            Pandemic Playlist: Perfect the art of sleeping like a cat with our dreamy mix of ambient, lazy and soothing music
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The constant bombardment of news about the coronavirus can be a tad jarring at times, to say the least, but the new stay-at-home system has also given everyone ample chance to catch up on that much needed sleep. And we are here with our Pandemic Playlist to help you do just that. We have put together five cozy songs that are sure to get your muscles relaxed, your mind at ease and your heart beating at the right snooze rhythm.

Fleet Foxes - 'White Winter Hymnal'

'White Winter Hymnal', though possibly distracting from sleep, is best played with its music video. It comes first on our list as it carries a little stronger musical energy than the rest. The enchanting claymation video takes place outdoors with a group of bearded friends while a nearby river flows, mushrooms grow, and we see a mesmerizing change of seasons over quick-shifting day-and-night cycles. It is relaxing folk music at its best and paired with its video, certainly comes as a fairytale before sleep with only lyrics, symbolism and the music to tell the tale. 


Novo Amor & Ed Tullett - 'Terraform'

Novo Amor & Ed Tullett's 'Terraform' off 2017 LP 'Heiress' hits hard with sentiment and trickles of melancholia. The song instantly takes one on end-of-day ponderings and is a perfect companion for those looking for something a little more sentimental. Super-sweet high vocals send us drifting with lyrics like: "Catapulted. Finally made to go. Parabolic. Fighting a stranglehold. Tear me from it. Fears were manifold. Terraform it. I was an embryo. It might be a little while, but. Maybe we'll realign soon. Made to reassign, but. Find me a little time too!" 


Cigarettes After Sex - 'Apocalypse'

Ah, Cigarettes After Sex - the American ambient pop band gained strong recognition for its soothing, lethargic vocals by frontman Greg Gonzalez (a close similarity to the falsetto vocals of Delays frontman Greg Gilbert). Apocalypse slides in very gently with a slow-tempo ballad of straightforward drumming, sensual guitar riffs and traipsing basslines. Many of the band's songs are slow and dreamy for sure, but therein lies the charm. 'Apocalypse' hits hard, or shall we say, soft on all sleepy cylinders and definitely worth rebooting your brain hard drive to.


Jeremy Soule - 'Secunda'

For those looking for something a little Celtic/medieval spirited, Jeremy Soule's heavenly track 'Secunda' is bound to set even the hardest of minds at ease. The song comes off the official soundtrack from Bethesda's video game 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim'. Gamers often allege that one the things that attracts them or draws them back to their favorite game is the music. Apart from its success for featuring a beautiful open world of landscapes, waterfalls, forests and more, Skyrim had a strong fanbase for its music alone. Covers, remixes and more of the game's music are sprawled all over YouTube, and 'Secunda' hides silently, awaiting anyone who would lend their ears to its quiet majesty. This two-minute track goes in our list as a certified short-and-sweet sleepy number.


Hazy - 'Universe'


Norwegian underground artist Hazy has produced a stream of rich atmospheric music, including 'Miracle', 'Dreamer', 'Breathe' and many more and certainly deserves a spot on this list. Every song features nothing but instrumentals and those looking to cozy up to some dreamy music, almost every song by Hazy is worth a listen. Our choice, 'Universe', sways and expands with breathy echoes and subtle piano that should shut your eyelids for sure. The ten-minute track is tender in its alternations but adjusts its melodies and volumes at just the right places.

Pandemic Playlist is a daily list of songs that will keep you entertained instead of feeling drained while you're isolated at home. Look out for a fresh selection of great tunes from MEAWW to refresh your mood every day!

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