Pandemic Playlist: Our top 5 seductive tracks from rising pop singer Gia Woods which will take your breath away

You need to know this hot pop sensation amid these testing times

                            Pandemic Playlist: Our top 5 seductive tracks from rising pop singer Gia Woods which will take your breath away
Gia Woods - 'Naive' art (Press Handout)

For those keen to get acquainted with some new pop music during the Covid-19 era, today's Pandemic Playlist may just be your perfect fit. Meet Gia Woods, a rising Persian pop singer-songwriter who's personality is as infectious as her music. Woods is also a featured musician in Calvin Klein's Pride collection campaign along with Pabllo Vittar and Tommy Dorfman, which launched last week. Check out five of our top song picks from this awesome artist.


'Naive' comes off the 'Only A Girl' singer's forthcoming debut EP 'Cut Season' and released on May 22. It's clear from her music that Woods has crafted her music to a fine art. Over a crooning electric guitar melody and crisp percussion, Woods sings a breathy bop about her exes. Woods spoke of the inspiration behind the track, "I’ve been in two long-term relationships and when they ended, both my exes said, 'you never felt like my girlfriend.' At the time, it was jarring to hear. Looking back now, I realize it's difficult to be fully dedicated to another person when you’re still developing as a person and figuring your own life out. I think it takes dating multiple people to learn what you really want out of a relationship, and when you’re young and naive, you don’t want to believe that."

Listen to 'Naive' here.


Her next single 'Ego' continues the 'Cut Season' narrative, and lyrically touches on how the need for control can poison a relationship. Woods spices her music with added musical textures and grooves that raise the bar on your typical pop music while remaining distinctly her own. 'Ego' gets a plucked funky bassline at the song's opening before, the chorus adds a punchy distorted guitar riff. The accompanying music video depicts Woods as a modern 'Alice In Wonderland' and sees her chasing the proverbial rabbit (in this case a diamond necklace) at the expense of her surroundings and reality. 


'Keep On Coming'

This seductive track opens in a snappy rhythm and Woods reveals she is as boldly upfront as she is sensual with lines like "I see those pheromones fly through the air, air" and "Make your skin melt like butter. Lips taste extra sweet." and "Know you want to undress me, undress me. Fuck me with your eyes, me with your eyes."


'Feel It'

It's easy to be ensnared by the pure catchiness of Woods' music. 'Feel It' comes as a top-lister in our Pandemic Playlist today for its infectiousness. Woods said that "the thing I love about 'Feel It' is that it's kind of universal, like it doesn't really matter who it's about, it's just about feeling that infatuation and obsession."

"Got your body on my mind. No, no, not logic, it’s emotional. So put your body right on mine. No, no, don’t make sense, it’s irrational," she sings in the pre-chorus.



'Hungry', the first single from the forthcoming EP was what prompted its powerful theme. Growing up in celeb-centric world of Los Angeles, Woods has always been surrounded by people starved for attention. On this hot number, she addresses it and focuses instead on the importance of trusting your own taste and belief system. 


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