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Pandemic Playlist: 5 peaceful, ambient songs to lift your worries and make you tranquil amid this pandemic

We could all do with a few minutes' of peace during this pandemic
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

During this coronavirus era, it seems easy to get caught up in the news and the affairs of others with so much going on around us. Do you ever feel the need to just forget it all and just slump into a state of peace and tranquility, or are you someone who tends to enjoy the sound of music over lyrics? On today's Pandemic Playlist we let some beautiful ambient music put you at ease with five peace-inducing tracks.

Oleg Byonic - 'Submissive'

This gorgeous 12-minute track by Oleg Byonic takes its own time to induce you into relaxation. Backing instrumentation is used to add texture rather than overcomplicating with too much sound. The only track on this list with voices, vocal hums and meditative cues telling you to "listen to my voice" over various percussion and light piano melodies on the high notes only enhance its peaceful nature, not distract from it. Towards the end, the sweetened sounds take a more weighty turn. It's the somewhat unsmiling stillness after climbing a tall mountain and looking down, the beautiful seriousness of peering into a dark cave before entering, and is peaceful in its own right.

Listen to 'Submissive' here.

Hazy - 'Nightwalk'

Hazy's music adopts more electronic instrumentation, but every track expands slowly, often traversing the mind across universally-scaled dimensions. It's hard to put down Hazy's music, as you may find yourself floating and breathing in the consistently rich and warm tones. A piano trill over synth strings carries the tune on 'Nightwalk': a carefree musical stroll away from your troubles.


Tony Anderson - 'Aisha'

To keep your relaxed stat uninterrupted, Tony Anderson's 'Aisha' is a perfect followup to 'Nightwalk'. Getting a piano trill of its own (with an added percussive effect on each note), the song flutters its rhythm without sticking to any particular pace or structure. A gentle caress, the song is a relaxation masterpiece. Remove all infringing thoughts and drift away with this peaceful Tony Anderson track.


TYMELAPSE - 'We Became Strangers'

Erik Lindh, a Swedish sound designer, field recordist and composer who works primarily with video games, goes by different aliases in composing music. In this case: TYMELAPSE. Sometimes beauty of art lies in simplicity or subtlety, and this song draws you in before barely any noticeable elevation. Probably one of the most ambient songs on this list, 'We Became Strangers' uses minimal instrumentation but lets you soak in its musical offerings.

Listen to 'We Became Strangers' here.

Tycho - 'Alright'

Tycho's 'Alright' gets more melodic than ambient and adds a distant beat. Opening in sounds resonating similarities with All Saints' 'Pure Shores', this relaxing musical cocktail is both peaceful as it is catchy to listen to. Tycho released his sixth studio LP 'Simulcast' in February this year. Check out our review of the album here after listening to 'Alright' below.