Pandemic Playlist: Top 5 memorable Disney villain songs that will have you tapping into your dark side

Ever sided with the villain in films? On today's Pandemic Playlist, we reveal five of the most memorable songs from Disney villains

                            Pandemic Playlist: Top 5 memorable Disney villain songs that will have you tapping into your dark side
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Most of us have felt that certain itch that gets us intrigued by villains. Growing up on Disney films, we were fascinated by the charming colors and mesmerizing animations as we witnessed the tale's hero/heroine getting their victories, yet there was something about the villain that had us interested in the other side of the story. Today's Pandemic Playlist gets an evil makeover and is dedicated to five memorable songs by Disney villains.

'The Princess and the Frog' - 'Friends on the Other Side'

'Friends on the Other Side', off the 2009 Disney animated film 'The Princess and the Frog', comes as a song to taunt listeners with their futures in this jazzy number. The villain in this plot, Facilier, (a bokor, or simply a witch doctor for hire who serves the Loa with both hands, practicing good and evil),  makes his statement clear in the first verse, "Don't you disrespect me little man! Don't you derogate or deride! You're in my world now. Not your world. And I got friends on the other side!" He comes off as friendly and vexing during the song, yet you know he has motives of his own kind, and that makes him the perfect slippery "bad guy" on our list. 

Watch a clip of 'Friends on the Other Side' here.

'The Little Mermaid' - 'Poor Unfortunate Souls'

'The Little Mermaid' had a number of memorable songs, especially from the Jamaican-accented crab, Sebastian, but we can't forget the unnerving chill that ran down our spine as Ursula sang the twisted fate of "poor unfortunate souls" in her underwater quarters. She entices Ariel with, "The only way to get what you want, is to become a human yourself. Can you do that?" and sings, "My dear, sweet child, that's what I do. It's what I live for."


'Aladdin' - 'Prince Ali (Reprise)'

Those final moments at the end of the 1992 classic, 'Aladdin', had us both frustrated by Jafar and threatened at the idea of his possession of the lamp. It seemed that adding in a villainous song (the reprise version of 'Prince Ali') between was just a way to send an affirming message to those who think they can remain hidden in their disguises forever, simply, can't.

Jafar revealed the truth to Jasmine that Aladdin wasn't her "Prince Ali" all along as he sang,  "Prince Ali. Yes, it is he. But not as you know him. Read my lips. And come to grips. With reality." Just because we hated him so much, did it mean he was wrong?

Watch a clip of 'Prince Ali (Reprise)' here.

'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' - 'Hellfire'

It seemed the villain of this film, Claude Frollo, was conjuring all forms of evil during his 'Hellfire' song. Likely to get a "Well, that escalated quickly" meme response, the song starts in what comes off as a humble ode to Esmeralda, quickly turns to hellish imagery as he wishes her dead unless they can be together.

Watch a clip of 'Hellfire' here.

'Lion King' - 'Be Prepared' 

One we would all agree is the villain-est villain of them all, Scar from the 1994 classic 'Lion King' had a way with words. In a song that is both haunting and inspiring in its own right, the opening thump of the bass drum and the royally-enchanting vocals of Jeremy Irons in 'Be Prepared' had listeners knowing that they need to keep watch over the proverbial headlines of the animal kingdom. 


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