Pandemic Playlist: 5 Cyndi Lauper songs celebrating the music of the longtime LGBTQIA++ advocate this Pride Month

Who are some of your favorite heterosexual supporters of the LGBTQIA++ community? We choose Cyndi Lauper. Check out our favorite tracks by the iconic singer

                            Pandemic Playlist: 5 Cyndi Lauper songs celebrating the music of the longtime LGBTQIA++ advocate this Pride Month
Cyndi Lauper (Getty Images)

In Pride Month 2020, we also need to honor those who have fought hard as allies of the LGBTQIA++ community. With inspiring songs like 'True Colors' and more that resonate with queer identities, Cyndi Lauper has embraced the gay community, leveraging her massive success and platform to support gay rights. She has even opened a homeless shelter for young LGBTQIA++ people. Here are our top five picks of the iconic singer's best songs.

'True Colors'

One of the most resoundingly inspiring and most successful songs by Lauper, 'True Colors' managed to capture a sense of love toward another human being who needs upliftment. The song was released, as both the title track and first single from her album of the same name, in 1986, just a few years after the LGBTQIA++ rainbow flag was popularized in 1978. In the hit song, Lauper sings, “I see your true colors. Shining through. I see your true colors. And that's why I love you. So don't be afraid to let them show. Your true colors. True colors are beautiful. Like a rainbow.”


'I Drove All Night'

When it came to the subject of love, many fans will attest to the fact that Lauper's music hit on emotional levels that many aspiring artists would hope to achieve. In 'I Drove All Night', Lauper sings of a "fever for you" that "is just burning me up inside" before a powerfully melodic chorus with "I drove all night to get to you. Is that alright. I drove all night. Crept in your room. Woke you from your sleep. To make love to you. Is that alright. I drove all night."


'All Through The Night'

Cyndi Lauper's music was inherently '80s pop, no doubt, but something about her usage of synth, new wave elements that captured certain feminine energy would make her refreshingly unique and a strong contender among her counterparts. If "pretty" was a musical description, 'All Through The Night' is easily that, but underneath the aesthetic, lies something smart and beautifully alluring. Lauper's vocals carry a weight of sadness, yet a calming air of freedom haunts its sonic resonances.

Listen to 'All Through The Night' here.

'Change Of Heart'

An issue we have faced or may face in the future, 'Change Of Heart' is about expecting someone to change their heart toward you and hoping they feel the same way about you that you do them. It is these simple relationship concepts that Lauper encapsulates effectively in her music. 'Change Of Heart' gets a high energy '80s pop-rock sound, funky slap bass synth, power electric drums and all as Lauper muses, "Here I am. Just like I said I would be. I'm your friend. Just like you think it should be. Did you think I would stand here and lie? While our moment was passing us by. Oh, while I'm here."


'Who Let In The Rain'

Lauper's biggest hits were often her upbeat or higher energy tracks, but what about her slow jams? The ballad 'Who Let In The Rain' gets a melancholic tone while not falling too deep in drama or being too dispirited: a notably impressive quality of the iconic singer that makes her a champion in our books. The song showcases Lauper's ability to apply the right texture to her vocals according to the emotion of the music. 'Who Let In The Rain' is calming, smooth as silk and one of her best slow songs.


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