Coronavirus: 'Chicago Fire', 'Chicago PD', 'Chicago Med' halt filming, may shorten seasons to 20 episodes

Coronavirus: 'Chicago Fire', 'Chicago PD', 'Chicago Med' halt filming, may shorten seasons to 20 episodes

In an unprecedented move, studios are halting production on TV shows and movies as a response to the growing coronavirus pandemic. Many studios have closed down production for the time being, including The CW, Netflix, and CBS.

NBC has also joined the list as the network shut down work on a majority of its TV series across all entertainment production units, Universal Television, UCP, Universal Television Alternative Studios, and First Run Syndication productions.

Dick Wolf's productions, 'Chicago Fire', 'Chicago PD', and 'Chicago Med' are also included on the list. Rather than foresee a return, these shows are preparing to have shortened seasons.

Jesse Lee Soffer, who portrays Detective Jay Halstead tweeted regarding the shutdown, "In case you haven’t heard, Chicago PD along with the other Chicago shows have stopped filming. Everyone is taking the proper precautions. Please be responsible and take care of your loved ones! We’ll be back before you know it. Just want to say thanks to the fans we love ya’ll."

Derek Haas, showrunner of 'Chicago Fire' went into more detail as he discussed the possibility of a shortened season and where the show could pick up next. He wrote, "We completed shooting 20 episodes of a planned 23," adding, "We're not gonna have a real cliffhanger like we usually do... but when this passes, we'll be back to start the storyline with which we were gonna finish the season. At least that's the plan for now."

He also wrote in response to a fan's question, "We were 2/3rds through shooting the 20th episode when the calls for social distancing started sounding in the media. We finished that episode and then halted production. We were prepping 21, we had an outline for 22 and a board for 23, but we stopped."

One fan asked how 'Chicago Fire' would return with new episodes, Haas replied that it will likely be "a reformulation of episodes while keeping the core storylines planned." Haas said they might also "think better of where we were headed."

The 'Chicago' franchise airs on NBC on Wednesday nights at 8/7c onwards. 

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