'Rape of 2 Coreys': Corey Feldman distraught after docu doesn't air online, suspects role of experienced detractors

'Rape of 2 Coreys': Corey Feldman distraught after docu doesn't air online, suspects role of experienced detractors
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Corey Feldman, during the premiere of his new documentary on Monday, revealed that he was distraught after the worldwide streaming of '(My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys' was affected due to alleged hacking attempts made on the website.

As people across the world geared up to watch the much-anticipated exposé online, Feldman along with his family and friends screened the film simultaneously at the Director’s Guild of America in Los Angeles on Monday. The online viewers, however, never got to watch the film, with many reporting loading issues and blank screens on the viewing page on mytruthdoc.com. 

Feldman had long promised an exposé of high-profile celebrities in Hollywood who engage in pedophilia and continue to work in the entertainment industry.  He had also claimed that there have been at least two murder attempts made on him. 

Nearly 18 minutes after the film's screening, Feldman abruptly stopped the film and told the attendees that the website where the film was supposed to be hosted was under attack by "hackers." The actor, while talking to Fox News, said: "Well everybody that was here saw what happened. So I don't think there's any confusion there."

"I don't know how we're gonna get people to see the film. We've got to solve that problem first. Yes, some people have seen the film, but the world who's waiting has not seen the film as far as I know. So I've got to really get to the bottom of it, find out how we get this back online and how we get it to stream tomorrow properly at twelve o'clock without being hacked."

The actor said that he will possibly begin working on alternative methods to allow those who had paid $20 each to watch the film online, even if it means renting a theatre space for the film to be aired. 

“If we find that we cannot stream it without being hacked, then I'm going to have to field distribution offers and I'm gonna have to figure out how we actually get this thing, you know, picked up so they can play theatrically," Feldman said. “I mean, it looks great in a theater, right? There's no reason why it can't be played in theaters because the country maybe we take the money and we four-wall theaters. I don't know. We've got to figure it out. Thanks for your time. I really appreciate.”

Feldman, during the screening of the film, also told the audience that he suspects that an experienced group of detractors could be behind the elaborate hack attempt being made to muzzle his voice. 

“I'm very sorry about this. Here's what's going on. For some reason, the streaming site that does this supposedly professionally and this is all they do, is not streaming our film," he explained to the audience. "It's not streaming. Now, that leaves me with quite a conundrum, because these people have paid money all over the world to find out what you guys are about to find out. And it wouldn't really be fair of me to play the answer to this film right now without the rest of the people who paid good money to see it at the same time as you.”

"I'm going to take a vote," Feldman added. "I'm going to take a vote. I really get this is a tough one. I love you guys. But I also don't want to do anybody else wrong. Either way, we're trying to find out. They asked me to give them 10 minutes… But I've got to make sure that everybody gets to see this movie."

The actor then called the service provider for the streaming website and placed his phone call on speakerphone for the attending audience to hear. A man's voice could be heard from the phone, saying: "That’s what we’re seeing right now – we’re seeing an attack coming in." "We’ve been seeing it since the beginning of this," a woman’s voice added on the other end. “And they’ve been clearing it and dealing with it, but they keep coming back. And we can’t fight it off, it’s too strong."

Feldman, in a statement in January that he was keeping a promise — through the film — to his best friend, late Canadian actor Haim, to reveal to the world about what really happened to the two as they were sexually and emotionally abused when they were young actors in Hollywood.

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