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Kiely Rodni case: Cops ask teens with info to tell ‘person they trust’ if they’re scared to come forward

Authorities also told the youngsters that they 'were disinterested in investigating underage drinking and just want to bring Kiely home safe'
Kiely Rodni went to a party on August 5 and was last seen in early hours of August 6 (
Kiely Rodni went to a party on August 5 and was last seen in early hours of August 6 (

TRUCKEE, CALIFORNIA: The frantic search for Kiely Rodni, the 16-year-old teen who was last seen in the early hours of Saturday, August 6, has not led to anything fruitful yet. On the one hand, the teen’s distressed mother is asking other teens and young adults, who also attended the same Prosser Family Campground party with her daughter, to come forward if they have any information about Rodni. 

Speaking to The Independent, Lindsey Rodni-Nieman said, "We are desperate for any other teens to come out and share the last pieces of the story that nobody seems to be able to piece together." Law enforcement officials have urged teens and young adult party goers to handover videos from that night to the police.


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The report also noted that the authorities have said, "If they are concerned about coming forward with information about the missing persons case, they should go to a person they trust and have them take the information to law enforcement." Police have also assured the youngsters that they should not be afraid of sharing any relevant details with them and that "they are disinterested in investigating underage drinking and just want to bring Kiely home safe."

Earlier, Placer County Sheriff’s Office Detective Sgt Scott Alford asked tipsters to remain anonymous while giving information to a tip line at (530) 581-6320, option 7. He said, "We're using every tactic we can to try to get any information that might help further our investigation. If you think you have information and you don’t know if it’s relevant, we want it. We want any information because we’ll follow up on any and every lead that we can."

Besides, Rodni's close friend, Sami Smith, had also urged people of her age group to come "anonymously to her with any information." She said, "These are the conversations with no parents, no media, and no adults at all. No police. Because if there’s that pressure from all of those sources on these kids, that could be what is leading them to not share information."

"I see a lot of faces here. I know a lot of you. We go to school together. I’ve seen you around at this party. Please, please, if you have given a statement to the police, that’s fine. I don't care. I need every single teenager here. If you are willing to, and if you can please realize how serious this is," Smith added.

Nevada County Sheriff's Capt Sam Brown, whose office is also working to find Rodni, emphasized on community effort. Agreeing with Brown, Placer County Sheriff’s Capt Troy Sanders said, "We're all here for one reason, and we appreciate the community’s support. We care. Many of us are parents. We’re involved, we’re committed, and we will stay committed."


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"If you have to ask yourself whether or not you should share some information about what happened, you’ve already answered the question. No information is too small. Every piece of information we’re going to put together to build a puzzle, to continue to push forward, to allow the machine to turn," he added.