'Cooked With Cannabis': Culinary creativity and 'proper dosing' inspire fans to get high on cooking

The new culinary show on Netflix is breaking all stereotypes about cannabis usage and fans from different walks of life are finding the ideas inspiring

                            'Cooked With Cannabis': Culinary creativity and 'proper dosing' inspire fans to get high on cooking

Netflix just dropped its latest food show and it is nothing like the ones you would have seen before. Yes, it is a cooking competition of course, but it takes the art of cooking to a whole new level by incorporating cannabis into food.

Fans have taken to social media and are pouring their support and excitement for 'Cooked with Cannabis' as they celebrate 4/20 with the show. You would almost expect only weed lovers to favor the show and the recipes. But be surprised as regular culinary enthusiasts and foodies are all on board with the discovery of cannabis-infused dishes and elevating traditional recipes.

One of the best things about the show, as some fans felt, is how the chefs pay attention to the dosing of CBD and THC oil and using different strains in the right amounts. Although the idea is to induce a slight high, they also do not want to forgo the experience of the food.

“Love how much focus is put on proper dosing. You don't need to be out here w. 1000mg cereal bars. A nice 20mg three-course meal is more than enough. We stan," says a fan on Twitter.

Cooking with cannabis and its different extracts is not new to the culinary world, but has been very niche and restricted. This show has made usage of CBD and THC infusions more mainstream, so aspiring chefs can integrate the benefits and enhance their recipes like never before.

One fan comments, “Enjoyed the first episode of #CookedWithCannabis. For a cooking competition, it's super relaxed + friendly.” Another added, “I can’t wait to hear what the professionals in this industry think about this show. #CookedWithCannabis."

Another fan, who is remotely not into smoking/using weed for recreating, is still all game for the delicious recipes that the participants have cooked.

She says, “I don't partake in cannabis bc it makes me paranoid as F***. But I want to eat all these foods. Immediately. I would probably die. #CookedWithCannabis.” Another food lover wondered, “I never knew you could create so many beautiful dishes with cannabis! #CookedWithCannabis."

The show has not only touched aspiring chefs but also food enthusiasts who want to create new and different recipes using cannabis.

One such enthusiast says, “#CookedWithCannabis it's making my mouth water, I wanted so much to legalize marijuana in BR so I could do things with marijuana legally, I love making some brisadeirinhos (local dessert), but imagine venturing into these different things aff.”

For more weed-infused gastronomic inspiration, keep watching ‘Cooked with Cannabis’, now streaming on Netflix or join the conversation on Twitter.

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