'Confused' Joe Biden prompts former White House doctor to demand a cognitive test

Joe Biden was shopping at King Orchards Pie shop in Michigan when the media started asking him questions and he pulled out some notes to answer them

                            'Confused' Joe Biden prompts former White House doctor to demand a cognitive test
Joe Biden at King Orchards Pie shop in Michigan (Twitter)

President Joe Biden appeared to check his notes from his suit jacket pocket after being confronted by media on whether Russia was behind a recent ransomware attack while he was shopping inside a pie shop in Traverse City, Michigan, on Saturday, June 3. "With the most recent hack by the Russians, would you say that this means," a reporter is heard asking about the attack that targeted Miami-based IT software management company Kaseya before Biden interrupts her to say that they "don't know" yet if it was the Russians.

"I'll be in better shape to talk about it – hold on for one second," Biden said, before taking a piece of paper out of his jacket and putting on a pair of glasses. He said he had just been "briefed" on the hack, but still appeared confused by the inquiry. He then continued to awkwardly fumble with the notes in his pocket as he attempted to answer the question while checking out with the pie shop cashier, who asked him, "Would you like a receipt?" "I'll tell you what they sent me," Biden said, while gazing at the paper he pulled from his pocket, not answering the cashier's question. "The idea, first of all, we're not sure who it is for certain, number one. And what I did, I directed the full resources of the government to assist in a response if we determine – what else you need?" Biden responded, redirecting his attention to the cashier. "Oh nothing, you're all set," she responded. The incident happened while Biden was purchasing pies at King Orchards farm store in Central Lake, Michigan.


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Rep Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, the former White House physician for former president Donald Trump, has urged Biden to pursue the lead of his predecessor and complete the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a 30-point exam that tests for memory impairment for age-related issues, including dementia and cognitive decline. "I think he’s demonstrating every single day that there is something going on," Jackson said. He added: "You don’t need to be a physician to look at this behavior and see there’s something concerning happening."

As soon as the internet got a hold of the news, people started reacting to it. One person said, "This is a dumb story. He was clearly doing two things at once and got confused. That happens to… all of us." While another one said, "I don’t see him struggling at all other than he is answering important question while trying to pay for his pie or whatever. Let him buy his pie in peace."



Slamming POTUS, one person said, "We cannot let @CNN and mainstream media look away any longer. JOE BIDEN IS IN MENTAL DECLINE! HE MUST SUBMIT TO A COGNITIVE TEST ASAP! 25TH AMENDMENT MUST BE CONSIDERED! @POTUS @tedlieu #dementia #joebiden." While another one said, "Don't forget, Putin is "scared" of this guy... who needs flash cards to say I don't know."



One Twitter user said, "Biden struggled to answer a reporter’s question over the weekend on a topic he had just been briefed on, needing to reach for notes after being distracted by a cashier while checking out at a Michigan pie shop. The exchange reinvigorated concerns about Biden’s mental acuity." While one person asked people to watch the video before making conclusions, as she wrote, "Watch the video for yourself. #Biden does not sound in the least bit confused. He does sound like he is carefully considering what information can be made public and what should properly remain behind the scenes."