K-pop Music Award Shows 2020-21: Complete guide to top events scheduled for Christmas and New Year

For Christmas 2020, global K-pop sensation and Grammy-winning BTS has confirmed their lineup for the SBS Gayo Daejon on December 25

                            K-pop Music Award Shows 2020-21: Complete guide to top events scheduled for Christmas and New Year
BTS (Getty Images)

The rise of K-pop music among mainstream music listeners globally has brought a lot of international attention to K-pop musical award shows – that are very unlike any other American Award show. In South Korea, these ceremonies are just so much more fun, glamorous and the energy is at an all-time high for K-pop fans around the world! For K-pop stans around the world, these award shows are nothing less than a music festival where their all-time favorite singers come together and set the stage on fire.

MEAWW has curated a tentative schedule for all the K-pop music award shows and when they usually take place on a yearly basis, with a focus on what's coming up in December 2020 and the start of 2021. Based on special circumstances, the date may vary a little but usually, these award shows maintain a strict calendar to avoid any chance of colliding with each other. Before we go into the schedule for January 2021, here’s what's coming up around Christmas and New Year's Eve.

What's coming up in December 2020?

SBS GAYO Daejon 


This year, SBS Gayo Daejon is happening on December 25th and global K-pop sensation, Grammy-winning BTS has confirmed their lineup for the show. So BTS fans will have plenty to look forward to on Christmas. Hosted by Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), it is held together with SBS Entertainment Awards and SBS Drama Awards as a part of the SBS Awards Festival.

MBC GAYO Daejon 

One of the major end of the year music award ceremonies for South Korea, MBC GAYO Daejon is happening on December 31. Actor Kim Seon Ho will be hosting the show along with Girls’ Generation YoonA and TV host Jang Sung Kyu. 

KBS Gayo Daechukje 

KBS music award this year is scheduled for December 18. The final lineup for the event is yet to be announced. But the organizers have notified the show will be held without the presence of any live audience.

What's coming up in January 2021?

Gaon Chart Music Awards

One of the most esteemed award shows for music in South Korea, Gaon Chart Music awards 2021 is taking place on January 13, 2021. Gaon chart which is the national music chart of Korea recognizes the eminent musicians who have made the most impact on Korean listeners along with recognizing emerging artists who have quickly made a strong impression from their debut.


High1 Seoul Music Awards

Started in 1990, it is one of the oldest music award shows which take place in the city of future aka Seoul. The winners are judged based on popularity votes, digital sales, album sales, downloads, and Judges’ scores.

What's coming up in February 2021?

Korean Music Awards

Korean Music awards take place usually around February which acknowledges the greatest of the hits of last year’s music and talented artists. The 2021 scheduled date is yet to be released.

The Fact Music Awards 

Started as a new award show only for a few years, the Fact Music Awards has earlier added a city tour of Seoul for audience members to attract more booking.

What's coming up between August-December 2021?

Soribada Best K-pop Music Awards 


Soribada awards take place mid-year, somewhere around August or September which helps in lifting the mid-year blue for the Korean population. In 2019, they set the show on the grand Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena which stood out to be an iconic atmosphere.

Asia Artist Awards (AAA) 

In 2020, AAA took place in December but it usually varies between these two months. 

MBC X Genie Music Awards (MGA)

MBC has started a new award show which is supposed to take place at the year-end, around November-December, 2021.

Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)


In 2020, MAMA took place on December 6 nut it usually varied between the last two months of the year. Known as the biggest award shows in Asia, Mnet ensures a spectacular evening of musical artistry every year.

MelOn Music Awards 

One of the most coveted award ceremonies in South Korea, MMA usually takes place at the start of December where the awards are given based on Digital sales of Melon chart as well as an online voting system.

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