'Breaks my heart': Devastated community forms memorial at Quinton Simon's home amid reports of his death

'Breaks my heart': Devastated community forms memorial at Quinton Simon's home amid reports of his death
Quinton Simon went missing from his home on October 5 (Chatham County Police Department)

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA: Almost 10 days after the mysterious disappearance of 20-month-old Quinton Simon, a memorial has been erected where he was last seen alive - outside of his home.

"I saw on Facebook about the little memorial that people have started doing this and I wanted to come out," said April Watring, a resident of the area, in a report by WJCL. "I think we might grab some stuff to bring out here too." Carol Watson, who drove by the house on Friday, said, "It's just so devastating, it breaks my heart."


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"Hopefully he will get the justice he deserves," said one of the people at the memorial.

Quinton Simon, a Georgia toddler, went missing from his home in the early morning of October 5. He was last seen in his playpen at 6 am in the morning and was reported missing by his mother Leilani Simon 3 hours later.

After the report, the Chatham County Police Department temporarily closed all the roads to prevent civilian movement and help fast-forward the search for the boy. However, the operation yielded no results.

It was later found that the family of the boy was not on the best of terms. The boy's mother Leilani Simon was at loggerheads with his grandmother Billie Jo Howell and it was reported that Howell wanted Leilani and her boyfriend Daniel Youngkin to move out of her home. The possibility of Quinton's biological father being a suspect in the case was ruled out right from the beginning, despite the fact that there were custody disputes regarding the boy's care.

However, on October 13, the Chatham County Police Department issued a statement saying they have reason to believe the boy is dead, according to a report by WJCL. The boy's mother Leilani Simon, who filed the complaint in the first place, has now been named as the prime suspect in the case.


Chatham County Police Department said on October 14 that there will not be any searches for the boy throughout Sunday, but that they would continue to collect evidence to aid in the case. This statement was followed by the creation of the memorial, for which contributors and well-wishers flocked in from the local area and from afar. 

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