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Comic-Con 2020 'The Walking Dead': Jeffrey Dean Morgan says Negan will be 'walking a fine line' with Maggie and son

At Comic-Con 2020, Jeffrey Dean Morgan spoke about what could happen when Negan meets Maggie
UPDATED JUL 24, 2020
Negan and Maggie (AMC)
Negan and Maggie (AMC)

Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) has suffered immensely on the 'The Walking Dead'. She has seen her loved ones die and the straw that broke the camel's back was when Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) murdered her husband Glenn in front of her in a horrifying manner. Maggie has sworn revenge against Negan ever since. The last she saw of him was when he seemed to be languishing in jail. However, many things have changed since then. Maggie went on her own journey and somehow Negan has been integrated into the communities after he appeared to be on a path of redemption. But Maggie hasn't seen all that. She hasn't seen him saving Sasha or kill Alpha (Samantha Morton).

To be honest, it won't make much of a difference to her, because Negan left her traumatized for life after he bashed Glenn's head into the ground. *Shudder* 

At Comic-Con 2020, the stars of the show addressed the important question--- what's going to happen when Negan and Maggie come face to face? For starters, Maggie has her son Hershel with her, and god help Negan if he tries to even be friendly to Hershel. The path is not going to be easy, as they now have to occupy the same space. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan spoke about Hershel meeting Negan at the panel discussion, "I think he has a relationship with young kids that's really honest. So I don't think he'd want to shy away from who he is," adds "He's going to be walking a fine line with Maggie." Morgan explained that Negan has a 'soft spot' for younger kids.

Fans are curious to know how this is going to work out. "Oooo Negan meeting Hershel Jr would trigger the hell out of Maggie #SDCCatHome #TheWalkingDead," a fan wrote.

Others see it as an opportunity for Negan to redeem himself. "How would Negan handle meeting Glenn's son? @JDMorgansays that might be a way he can redeem himself w/ Maggie. #TWD #SDCC #ComicConAtHome #TheWalkingDead," a fan tweeted.

"Maggie is going to have quite a shock in seeing how Negan has been integrated into the communities of #TheWalkingDead. #ComicConAtHome," another tweeted.

'The Walking Dead' returns on October 4, AMC, 9 pm ET.