Comic-Con 2019: 'Cobra Kai' season 3 will feature a trip to Okinawa, Miyagi-Do's origin story and much more

‘Cobra Kai’ stars and creators had quite a few juicy details to share regarding the upcoming season three, and the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 was the right place to do it!

                            Comic-Con 2019: 'Cobra Kai' season 3 will feature a trip to Okinawa, Miyagi-Do's origin story and much more

SDCC 2019 kicked off to a great start, and one of the biggest panels on Thursday, July 18, was the one featuring YouTube original series 'Cobra Kai'. The 'Karate Kid' spin-off series had quite a few juicy, teasers for the upcoming season three and we are super excited!

One of the most surprising developments in the plot is going to be Daniel LaRusso's return to Okinawa, Japan. The character, portrayed by Ralph Macchio, is expected to explore the roots of his sensei and since the OG Karate Kid has been open about the fact that Mr. Miyagi’s spirit will always be present in 'Cobra Kai', this seems to be the obvious way to go.

"For season three, something I can tease is that, albeit we have a lot of cleaning up to do based on the events of season two, some of the stories will dive into the origins of both Miyagi-Do Karate and Cobra Kai," Macchio said, adding, "Like, the beginnings of these two forms of martial arts, and we'll learn stuff about both that we never knew. And that includes LaRusso going to Okinawa, which is a piece of season three."


Showrunner and writer Josh Heald revealed that it would evolve into somewhat of "an origin story of both Miyagi Do and Cobra Kai."

Like most other characters on the show, Daniel is also shocked by the events of season two's finale and is left pondering about the future after the violent high school brawl involving Miguel (Xolo Maridueña). He is searching for some peace of mind, which is what leads him to his sensei's past, which is great for the fans of the movie franchise, who also love Mr. Miyagi."

"In season two, we were at Miyagi-Do Karate, so a big part of it was back at that house and that location. So it was kind of emotional to do that because a lot of the magic of that original film happened in those scenes and with that character. I think it’s important to keep that alive in the show," he added.

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