Randy Rainbow sings Marjorie Taylor Greene a love ballad ‘What a nut’ based on Barbra Streisand's 'Evergreen'

Randy Rainbow sings Marjorie Taylor Greene a love ballad ‘What a nut’ based on Barbra Streisand's 'Evergreen'
Screengrab from Randy Rainbow's (right) YouTube parody song on Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (left) (Youtube/Randy Rainbow)

While most Democrats are losing their minds over the conspiracy theories of freshman Congresswoman and Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, there are some who are sympathetic to her. Albeit, sarcastically. Satirist and comedian Randy Rainbow who went viral just before this for his ballad 'Seasons of Trump' in which he said goodbye to Donald Trump on January 19, is at it again.

His newest parody song, based on Barbra Streisand's 'Evergreen', is a dummies' guide to everything Marjorie Taylor Greene has said or done, from spouting theories about "Jewish lasers in Space" to the "satanic pizza sex" ring of child sex-traffickers to "scorning victims and pushing QAnon". Streisand herself was not a fan of the lies sprouted during the Trump reign but has not yet reacted to the parody song using the ballad she composed and sang for the film 'A Star Is Born'.

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The Emmy-nominated, New York-based, gay comedian Randy Rainbow gained popularity for his parody songs focussed on former President Donald Trump and members of his administration between 2016 and 2020.

He premiered his latest song on Greene on his YouTube channel and got an enthusiastic reaction on social media after he posted about it on Twitter, saying: "Marjorie Taylor Greene is having a rough week so I sang her a love ballad" and also on Instagram with a caption "Now Showing. #MarjorieTaylorGreene" Actress Meredith Salenger, married to Patton Oswalt, tweeted a response to the ballad, writing: "Dearest Randy my darling love from space, Your voice is so epically beautiful. Beyond being brilliant and clever and hilarious. Your voice is stunning and I await a real singing album and you to host the Tony’s and star in your own show".





Other Twitter users also jumped on the bandwagon praising Rainbow for making their week better. One user tweeted "I need a Randy Rainbow notification on my phone. Because he is what gets me through the week", while another tweet said: "Love this brilliance from Randy Rainbow. Suddenly my week is much better..."



Others complimented Randy Rainbow on the fact that he made a song on someone like Greene. "Gotta love Randy Rainbow! Although, it's hard to make fun of Marjorie Taylor Greene more than she comicality embarrasses herself with her asinine comments and wacko conspiracy theories..." said one tweet, while another user remarked, "Randy Rainbow darling, you always rise to the moment. This musical satire is not only beautifully sung, but it's also brilliantly on point. Your timing, given today's reckoning with MJT's craziness, is impeccable. You are the undisputed Queen of Political Satire on all media." Another Twitter user was so impressed he wanted to go "crazy" so that he'd get the "Randy treatment".

Satirist and comedian Randy Rainbow singing about Jewish Space lasers in ballad targetting Marjorie Taylor Greene (Randy Rainbow/Youtube)




Randy himself was born to a Jewish family in Huntington, New York. So the start of his song on Greene is devoted to calling her a nut for spreading outlandish propaganda like the Jewish space laser conspiracy and the theory that George Soros is funding them. The video also has clips of Greene sprouting some of her more incendiary statements and the footage of her hounding Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. The comments on his YouTube video saw viewers quote his song lyrics, like "Majorie Taylor Obscene: "Q is a patriot." Randy Rainbow: "And YOU is an IDIOT!!!" Awesome!"; "MTG “done lost a screw.” I don’t know that she ever had one. Thank you, Randy, for another musical masterpiece!", and "She makes Bachmann look like Maya Angelou is such an on-point lyric." Rainbow's YouTube series of satirical songs was nominated for an Emmy for outstanding short-form variety series in 2019. In an interview with NPR, he said: "I always considered song parody kind of cheap. But ... I've gotten [such a] response from others ... that I'm appreciating it as an art form."

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