Colorado woman caught on CCTV slapping store worker after she was asked to wear mask, Internet says 'jail her'

The incident reportedly happened in early February at a King Soopers in Parker. The police are on the lookout for the woman who is said to be a regular at the store

                            Colorado woman caught on CCTV slapping store worker after she was asked to wear mask, Internet says 'jail her'
A screenshot of the woman slapping the worker (The Park Police Department)

PARKER, COLORADO: Police in Colorado are on the lookout for a woman who was caught on surveillance camera slapping a store employee after she was asked to wear a face mask amid the coronavirus pandemic. The incident reportedly happened on February 3 at a King Soopers situated near South Parker Road and E-470.

The footage of the incident showed the woman in question walking inside the store with her shopping cart. She was then seen shouting at someone, who was not in the frame. Moments later, the woman whose identity has not been revealed was seen walking towards the camera without her cart. A store worker was also seen in the frame.

It seems the two women are talking, however, the customer then walks towards the staff member and slaps her. The staffer alleged that the woman also used a vulgar name for her. A police incident report stated that the suspect is “a regular at the store”.

On the day of the incident, she was repeatedly asked to wear a face covering, but she allegedly claimed a medical exemption. However, when the victim offered her help with other options, she allegedly became furious. The worker is now planning to press charges against the woman. You can watch the video here.


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Reacting to the alleged incident, one customer said, “Just a sign of the times… it’s a crazy time.” The other added, “To slap somebody is beyond the pale.” After the episode, Kim Cordova, president of the local United Food and Commercial Workers Union, released a statement that read: "Grocery workers are Essential Heroes and have been on the frontlines during this entire pandemic at great personal risk."

"They deserve to work in safe environments but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. They often deal with customers who refuse to wear masks, overcrowded stores, and stores that lack appropriate and adequate cleaning supplies, among other dangers to their personal safety. To avoid assaults by customers in the future, employers need to provide paid qualified security guards at stores," the statement added.

The woman is seen inside the store with her shopping cart (The Park Police Department)

People on Twitter also reacted to the incident as one user tweeted, "Oh, damn! The 'media' was unlucky with this one. If it would be a black employee it would have been a real drama but like this...neah.Sad, sad, sad." A second user wrote, "A civil war over masks in the West *smh*." "Clean up in isle 2 there’s a Karen," a user added. Another said, "That is a textbook assault. Find the right wing kook and jail her for a few months." 









In another incident that has gone viral, a woman was seen refusing to wear a mask inside a store. She also reportedly argued with a teen cashier who asked her to follow safety guidelines. The incident happened in Alberta, Canada, recently inside a grocery store. The video of the episode was reportedly taken by the cashier, who shared it on TikTok, and then it went viral on Twitter. The clip also showed the woman recording the confrontation.

“So you need to wear a mask. If you don’t, you need to leave our store. I’ve asked you many times, politely. If you don’t, you need to leave our store,” the teen worker told the woman. But the woman replied claiming she has some medical issues and her doctor has asked her not to wear a mask.

But the cashier did not seem convinced with her excuse as she added, “I am told that nobody gets a medical exemption in our store. That is what I am told, and I am doing my job. People like you make our job very difficult. I am a 17-year-old girl and I am asking you, a grown woman, to wear a mask. Put it on or leave.” But the woman neither left the store nor called the manager of the place to discuss her concern.

People on the Internet slammed the woman for her stubbornness. One user said, “Before even watching, I said to myself this has to be Alberta. Low and behold I was correct. Alberta is like Florida & Texas. My neighbours are gun loving rednecks and I'm out numbered.”

Another added, “As a Family Doctor in Alberta, Canada, I have yet to meet a single patient who has qualified for mask exemption. Even my patients on oxygen will wear masks. Also, no business in Alberta is required to accept mask exemptions, this is not mandated by our govt, she is lying.”

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