Color Me Badd's Bryan K Adams arrested for assaulting bandmate on stage

Bryan K Adams of Color Me Badd was arrested on Sunday after he pushed and badly injured bandmate Mark Calderon while he was saying goodbye to fans after a performance

                            Color Me Badd's Bryan K Adams arrested for assaulting bandmate on stage

Color Me Badd's member Bryan K Adams was arrested on Sunday after he shoved a fellow bandmate so hard that he had to be admitted to the hospital. Their band had just finished performing a song at del Lago Casino in Tyre, New York when the incident happened. Adams was offstage after the harmony group finished their hit number 'I Wanna Sx You Up' for which his band member Mark Calderon was singing the lead vocals.

Adams was clearly angered by something before he simply strutted up to Calderon and, without uttering a single word, decided to push him hard while he was in the middle of saying farewell to the crowd. Calderon happened to hit some sound equipment as he plummeted to the floor and was taken to the local hospital for a neck and back pain. 

According to TMZ, eye-witnesses claim that Adams — who happens to be the lead singer of the band — was apparently having a bad night with issues regarding his voice and eventually decided to walk off the stage out of frustration.

Post his very public assault on his bandmate, Adams was arrested by Sheriff’s deputies the next day for misdemeanor assault and taken to jail where he was booked and a bail was set at $2,000. It is still unknown whether his bail has been posted or not. His actions are presumably going to take a toll on the band's future but, sadly, this isn't the first time Adams has been arrested for assault. 

In 2013, Adams was involved in a domestic assault case. Adams — who once used to be quite the rockstar — was seen sporting a walker and looking a fraction of the man from his glory days in the '90s. The case against him was held in session at the Cleveland County District Court.

Until October 17, 2013, Adams was a wanted man in Cleveland County on the count of not complying with the terms of his probation. The terms included court-ordered counseling and community service. The Oklahoma City native had pleaded guilty to one count of domestic abuse back in April 2012 — for which he was ordered to perform community service and get counseling for his domestic abuse and substance abuse issues.

The arrest warrant for the charges was issued in the February of that year for Adams' failure to comply with the court's mandated orders. He appeared in court on October 17 which was also the same day that The Oklahoman ran a story detailing the incidents leading to the arrest warrant.

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