Who is Colin Macrae? Meet the sailing influencer on 'Below Deck' who boasts of over 89K YouTube fans

A seasoned engineer and a full-time adventure enthusiast, Colin Macrae definitely knows his way around a superyacht!

                            Who is Colin Macrae? Meet the sailing influencer on 'Below Deck' who boasts of over 89K YouTube fans
Colin Macrae (@parlayrevival/ Instagram)

Welcome aboard the Parsifal III, which is ready to take on the stunning waters of Croatia with a whole new cast in the newest season of 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht'. From scenic views to sloppy hookup, Covid-19 protocols to castmate drama, this season promises to be just as exciting as ever. 

While Captain Glenn welcomes a new set of faces as a part of his crew, friction and sparks are sure to fly, as romances ensue and fights break out. Among all the chaos, there might just be a voice of reason - Colin Macrae. Here's what we know about the Chief Engineer so far. 


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Meet Colin Macrae, the Parsifal III's Chief Engineer

A yacht's smooth sailing is only ensured by just how skilled its crew is. Enter sailor Colin Macrae, who joins the Parsifal III as it's Chief Engineer. With over 8 years of experience, Macrae knows his way around a vessel for sure. As per his official bio, Macrae also happens to be quite the people person, seeing that it reads -' With a big heart and an impish smile, Colin is more than happy to lend a hand anywhere that he might be needed. But when Colin's kindness gets mistaken for weakness, fireworks fly.' Who is kind-hearted Macrae going to get into a beef with? We're going to have to wait and see. 

Macrae has a YouTube channel with over 89k followers 

For some of the castmates, the show is their first stint with fame, but for Macrae, it's safe to say that he's actually pretty comfortable in front of the camera. He has his own YouTube channel and website, by the same name 'Sailing Parlay Revival' and at 89.1k followers, Macrae quite a big deal in the sailing world. He posts videos regularly chronicling his adventures out at sea. As per his official website, 'Parlay Revival is a YouTube Sailing Channel, about a young man from New Zealand, Colin, who spends his life savings from a 10-year career as a Superyacht engineer, to buy a hurricane-damaged 2012 Lagoon 450 catamaran.' Looks like Macrae is always up for a new adventure!'

This season, he might have to deal with some stressful work situations 

Accidents always fall under the 'worst-case scenario' and look like Macrae might have to deal with a few of this season. When the Parsifal III collides with a docking wall, the usually collected Captain Glenn seems visibly stressed out, letting out a string of curses, like a true sailor. Being the Chief Engineer, Macrae might have to be up and about and on his feet, ensuring that it's smooth sailing for the yacht's guests and crew. 

'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' Season 2 premieres on Bravo on Monday, March 1, 2021, at 9/8c. For more information, check your local listings. 

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