Cole Sprouse tells Jimmy Fallon his upcoming horror podcast 'Borrasca' was inspired by creepypasta story

Cole Sprouse is the narrator of 'Riverdale' and with Borrasca, he will be acting another voice acting role to his resume

                            Cole Sprouse tells Jimmy Fallon his upcoming horror podcast 'Borrasca' was inspired by creepypasta story
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Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse checked in to the Jimmy Fallon show via a video call on Monday (May 18) night. He was seen sporting an interesting mustache and mentioned he was growing it out along with his hair for a role before the coronavirus lockdown. Cole really wanted to use the quarantine period to know if he could ever grow a mustache since he's "going to play 17 for the next 80 years" of his life. "My brother and I have been in violent competition for who's facial hair look more robust," Cole said, referring to his twin Dylan Sprouse.

The twins were part of the hit Disney show 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody'. The show recently completed 15 years since the first episode aired and Fallon asked him why everyone was so obsessed with the show. In response, Cody explained that even though he doesn't remember most of the kid shows he grew up watching, they still "fit in this golden nostalgic bubble." As per the star, there is a tendency to glorify the things one grew up with. He also mentioned that he was a part of a lot of fan favorites but he would never revisit the shows as there is a huge potential to "demolish the golden memories" of a perfectly good show. 

He is also starring in the upcoming horror podcast called 'Borrasca' which is created by 'The Haunting of Hill House' writer Rebecca Klingel. He revealed that it initially started as a creepypasta story online that enjoyed a cult following online. The first episode of the podcast will be out next Monday, May 25 via QCode. Cole is also the narrator of 'Riverdale' and with the podcast, he will be adding one more voice acting role to his resume. Speaking about the same he mentioned, "I love voice acting because you don't have the crutch of physicality to rely upon. So you really have to find that fine line between how much emphasis you need to place into certain emotions to come across in audio-only which I find really enjoyable."

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