Did Coldplay plagiarize Lady Gaga's ‘Chromatica’ theme for 'Kaotica'? Fans say ‘she did not invent space’

Coldplay’s aspirations to release a space/planet themed album dates back as far as 2008, claims a fan of the band

                            Did Coldplay plagiarize Lady Gaga's ‘Chromatica’ theme for 'Kaotica'? Fans say ‘she did not invent space’
Coldplay accused of plagiarizing Lady Gaga's Chromatica theme (Getty Images)

Coldplay teased a new song called ‘Higher Power’ on TikTok and it is already making waves on social media but for all the wrong reasons. The song which is part of the band’s Kaotica era is being compared to the theme of Lady Gaga’s ‘Chromatica’ album which was released in May 2020.

Coldplay’s Kaotica era theme features a planet similar to earth but is colored blue, pink and purple. If we talk about Lady Gaga’s 'Chromatica’ theme, it featured a similar pattern with a planet colored in pink. Since Gaga’s theme was released earlier, a lot of social media users took to Twitter to debate the originality of the concept.  For the unversed, Coldplay’s new single ‘Higher Power’ will hit the Internet on May 7.
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Did Coldplay plagiarize Lady Gaga's ‘Chromatica’ theme?

 A social media user posted a collage of both the themes and sparked the discussion on the micro-blogging site over Coldplay copying Gaga’s ‘Chromatica’ theme. “So Lady Gaga spent 3+ years creating Chromatica just for Coldplay to come along and completely steal the idea of it.” However, a fan page dedicated to Coldplay took the matter into its own hands and posted a series of tweets explaining how Coldplay’s Kaotica theme was not at all copied from Gaga’s ‘Chromatica’. \

“In November 2019 after the release of Everyday Life, in the album booklet, this picture appeared - the first direct link to Coldplay’s upcoming space-inspired era. ‘Music of the spheres’ is believed to be the title of Coldplay’s upcoming album, NOT ‘KAOTICA.’”

Guy Berryman of Coldplay, Andrew Harms, Chris Martin of Coldplay, and Woody Fife attend the 2020 iHeartRadio ALTer EGO at The Forum on January 18, 2020 in Inglewood, California. (Getty Images)

The next tweet explained how the concept of Coldplay dates back to 2008, “However, Coldplay’s aspirations to release a space/planet themed album dates back as far as 2008. This blog was released by the band’s roadie in 2010.” Another tweet stated, “For Coldplay’s upcoming album, the band have been using the account @alienradiofm to tease. ‘Alien Radio’ first appeared in a whiteboard during Viva recording sessions in 2008, and later on Jonny’s guitar in 2011/12.”

The fan page further shared the details and posted, “The symbols used for Coldplay’s upcoming era (picture 1) also bear resemblance to symbols used by the band in 2011, again in the Mylo era (Picture 2). Coldplay did not copy or imitate Gaga’s use of symbols” and then concluded with another detail which said, “In 2017, Coldplay released the song ‘A L I E N S’ on their EP, Kaleidoscope. On the tracklisting, A L I E N S has a symbol drawn next to it, similar to one of the symbols used in this upcoming era.” 




















‘Why Gaga fans think their fav invented everything?’

The debate over the originality of Coldplay’s new theme led to a Twitter battle between the fans of both artists. One user said, “You can't say "steal" when the original idea wasn't even promoted and was sent to the trash by the artist (Gaga). Concept is cool, glad Coldplay will try.” Another gave a diplomatic approach and posted, “I am a fan of both gaga and coldplay. both of these artists support love and being kind to everyone. where is this love and kindness rn? i understand that people may be unhappy but many are jumping to conclusions based on very minor evidence.”

The next one extended its support to Gaga and added, “Coldplay really copy-pasted the entire Chromatica theme and aesthetic and thought we wouldn’t notice.” Echoing similar sentiments, one said, “Coldplay literally think that Kaotica is a great idea for their new album when Gaga gave us Chromatica less than a year ago? And they took the same aesthetic ??!? Lol.”Another tweeted, “I have decided I will not hesitate to give a piece of my mind to ANY Coldplay stan who doesn’t agree that they blatantly ripped off Chromatica.” However, one supported Coldplay and asked, “Why Gaga fans think their fave invented everything? Sit down please "planet her" is nothing like "chromatica". Another user concluded, “The worst part of this Coldplay kaotica thing is that they probably gonna delivery what Chromatica should’ve be. we can never win.” Another fan of Coldplay said: "Why would anybody think coldplay plagiarised lady gaga ... pls. she did not invent space."



























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