Coffee company helping 100 single moms by giving them cars and meeting their most critical needs

Coffee company helping 100 single moms by giving them cars and meeting their most critical needs

Burly Man Coffee is doing their bit for struggling single mothers out there. The South Florida-based subscription coffee company is on a mission to break the stereotype that all men are "barbaric, sexist, misogynistic, racist monsters", and they're doing so by helping single moms across the nation with their profits.

"Jeremy and Tiana started Burly Man Coffee to make a difference in the world while making it easy to have world-class coffee delivered right to your door. Being 'Burly' is not about having a beard and being tough as much as it's about being kind and helpful to those around you," says Luke Gibbons, the company's PR and marketing and church relations, who spoke exclusively to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) about the company's new initiative.

Talking about the inception of the idea to donate 100 cars to struggling single mothers in the nation, Luke explained, "The root to a lot of social issues we know today is due to fatherlessness. For example, a document from the Texas Department of Correction showed that 85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes. Tiana was also raised by a struggling single mom, so this is an issue we really understand on a personal level."

The company's decision to approach troubled single moms also stemmed from a very special and personal place, explained Luke. "Struggling single moms and their kids need the support of the community. We’re here to partner with them and put something into motion that will improve their lives."

The company's decision to approach troubled single moms also stemmed from a very special and personal place. (Source: Burly Man Coffee)

He continued, "There are over 11 million single-parent families in America. Of those, 82% are headed by single mothers. 35% of those single mothers and their children live below the poverty level. 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes. 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes."

The proud pro-life organization, which was started in December last year, kicked off its campaign in March with the goal of helping 100 moms in need. The company said its plan to buy cars for 100 single women in need completely bypassed Planned Parenthood, for a specific reason.


Luke said, "Burly Man Coffee is proud to be pro-life and support single moms. Planned Parenthood is not an organization we would even consider supporting."  While implying that coffee giants like Starbucks end up supporting pro-choice organizations, he added, "Starbucks, who is pro-abortion, helps fund Planned Parenthood. We’re here to give people an alternative to purchasing world-class coffee from a company that aligns with their pro-life values."

The company's vision is to help out all pro-life supporters with their worthwhile cause, of which Luke says: "We are going to help 100 struggling single moms by giving them a car and helping to meet some of their most critical needs. It’s a big goal for a fledgling coffee company, but as people join the Burly Man Coffee Club, they are helping to make this possible."



One of the first people that the company decided to reach out to was Celeste Bokstrom, a single mom in Lake Worth and a full-time caretaker for her 16-year-old son Logan, who has severe, non-verbal autism. Luke revealed, "In Celeste's case, she was not able to work because she has a back injury, and most of her time is devoted to Logan's care. So she really doesn't have any income to be able to give him the support he needs. In other words, she was stuck."

"She was in a car accident four years ago – her car was totaled. It took her two years to save $2,000 to buy another car. She found a car online that someone was selling. The lady selling the car pretended to be concerned about Celeste – even prayed with her on the phone. When she went to register the car at the DMV, she found out it had been stolen. The seller disappeared and she could never find her. She lost the car and her money. We saw a way that the Burly Man Coffee Club could help her by giving her a vehicle," Luke shared.


The company also gave her an iPad to help her son communicate, a makeover and a shopping spree. They also found a medical professional, Mike Cohen, director of the Center for Brain in Jupiter, to provide Logan with neurofeedback therapy free of charge.

Luke also spoke about how the company is greatly driven by their Christian faith, and how that played a major role in them picking up this generous cause. "We're far from perfect but we believe in Jesus, who enables us to do great things in His strength and love," said Luke, adding, "This is not so much a campaign but a movement for people who are tired of supporting companies that don't match their values. The Burly Man Coffee Club is a simple way for coffee drinkers to support what they believe in. They are becoming the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world."

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