Coco Austin shares a tender moment on Instagram but gets slammed for breastfeeding her 2-year-old daughter instead

Coco feeling empowered by other mothers who share such tender moments with their children thought she was doing the same but some mommy shamers thought otherwise.

                            Coco Austin shares a tender moment on Instagram but gets slammed for breastfeeding her 2-year-old daughter instead
Coco Austin (Getty Images)

Coco Austin took to her Instagram on Tuesday (May 29) to share an adorable photo of her and her two-year-old daughter, Chanel Nicole. The photo showed Chanel resting on her mother's arms and being in a deep sleep. The actress then expressed in the caption what made her feel connected to her daughter but it seemed to have not gotten the response she had hoped it would. 

"I follow some mother empowering pages here on Instagram and I love the inspiring pics they post showing the tenderness and love between a mother and child with or without nursing moments..." she wrote. "I love that I can be a part of that," she captioned the image. "@babychanelnicole has made me a more sensitive person now that I'm older." Soon, one of her fans came forward and asked her if she still nursed her daughter. 

To this Coco replied, "Yep...but it's more for comfort now." However, many seemed to oppose her idea of breastfeeding her daughter at this age. "I don't agree with nursing at that age and it's just my opinion," one fan wrote. While another wrote, "By the time a Child can use a cup there is no need to Breast Feed because at that point the Child can drink enough on their own to get the Nutrients She needs. Breast Feeding an almost 3-year-old is weird you can hug your Child to show love." 

Another commented, "No this is now more for YOU than her ..totally inappropriate..let her grow up..." Meanwhile, there were many who appreciated the photo and this pushed them to come forward with their own stories about breastfeeding.

"I still nurse my almost 4-year-old little girl for bedtime and I cherish every minute of it. I’m 38 and I feel blessed I’m having this opportunity to bond with her like this," one wrote. While another wrote, " I’ve been nursing my daughter Poppy, my third for 2yrs  4months now and she’s maybe started self-weaning during the day, however, I still love the bond we have and the deep connection we share when nursing. My question is, how do I shut down naysayers who constantly think they need to tell me it’s time to stop nursing her (because she’s 2 & has teeth or whatevs)?? Love and hugs from Poppy and I to you and Chanel!"

Among those that sided with Coco were people who mentioned their appreciation over the bond and love between a mother and a daughter that was visible through the picture. "What a beautiful photo of a mother’s," one fan noted. While another wrote, "This is absolutely beautiful."