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'Cobra Kai' Season 2 on Netflix: Here's why we think Ralph Macchio's Daniel LaRusso is heading to Okinawa

The events of Season 2 have affected the two lead characters the most and for Daniel, it is about doing anything to take down the Cobra Kai dojo
UPDATED AUG 31, 2020

Ever since Ralph Macchio announced during the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 his character Daniel LaRusso would be traveling to Okinawa, Japan, in Season 3 of 'Cobra Kai', there have been speculations of why the 'Karate Kid' would make his way to the island. But before we look at why he may make a quick getaway, here's a quick recap of what happened in the Season 2 finale.

The final few minutes saw the young stars, Robby Keene, Samantha LaRusso, Miguel Diaz (Xolo Mariduena) and Tori Schwarber (Peyton List) have a standoff. One that results in a school-wide brawl. Tori and Sam face-off, while Miguel and Robby in a bid to separate the two, end up going into full-combat mode. 

While the school authorities tried to contain the situation, the four main characters were still trading blows. While Tori fought dirty and Sam tried to fend her off, Miguel and Robby went typical Cobra Kai and Miyagi-do, and just when it looked like Miguel had the upper hand when he locked Robby's shoulder, he remembered Johnny telling him he paid the price because he wasn't taught the difference between mercy and honor.

Realizing the brawl was pointless, he let go and apologized, only for Robby to retaliate and knock Miguel off the railing they were fighting close to. And in the stunned silence that followed, Miguel fell flush on the staircase railing unconscious, while Robby fled the scene. 

Now, back to LaRusso heading off to Okinawa. It is evident the events in season 2 have left Daniel and Johnny devastated. What started off as a journey to shut down the Cobra Kai dojo ended with one child fighting death and the other who vanished after the incident. Ahead of season 3, we have a list of reasons why Daniel may have planned to head to Okinawa.

Going back to the Miyagi Do karate roots

A still from Daniel LaRusso in Okinawa in 'The Karate Kid II' (IMDb)

Daniel's mentor, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), was from Okinawa. His style of Karate, the Miyagi Do has its origins from the place and it is possible Daniel may seek to know more about the style rather than just teach his students what was imparted to him by Mr. Miyagi. 'Cobra Kai' star Martin Kove, who plays the sinister sensei John Kreese, also said during the comic-con that the show would go back to the origins of the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do styles. 

Hands-on training

One of the things that made Mr. Miyagi a successful mentor was that he believed in hands-on experience and training. A similar pattern could be seen in the 2010 reboot of 'The Karate Kid' where Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) takes Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) to the Taoist temple in the Wudang Mountains where he trained with his father.

Perhaps, in season 3, we may be shown that the Kreese-run Cobra Kai would have become a difficult opponent to face and the only way for Miyagi Do to win is to step up the training, and a trip to Okinawa may just be the thing to give them the added advantage. 

A setting to introduce a new character

While it may not be a character who will star throughout the season, we may see some of the characters from 'The Karate Kid II' (1986) make guest appearances on the show. They may probably be instrumental in training Daniel's wards in the true style of Miyagi Do so that they could come back stronger and be ready to face off against the Cobra Kai.

So, what are your thoughts on why Daniel LaRusso is heading to Okinawa in 'Cobra Kai' season 3?

'Cobra Kai' season 3 will premiere on YouTube Premium in September 2020.