'Cobra Kai' Season 2 on Netflix: Mary Mouser says it was hard to be mad at Peyton List 'because she's so nice'

'Cobra Kai' Season 2 on Netflix: Mary Mouser says it was hard to be mad at Peyton List 'because she's so nice'

Season two of 'Cobra Kai' introduced a new character who would be pivotal in the upcoming season. Peyton List joined Cobra Kai and fielded the role of Tory, a troubled teenage newcomer to the Valley.  Over the course of the series, she quickly manages to impress the Cobra Kai heads, including Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and John Kreese (Martin Kove).

Tory is seen as one of the antagonists in the series and the character is shown as a personality who isn't afraid to speak her mind and lash out against anyone who crosses her path. Tory is also shown to be romantically involved with Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña).

One of the subplots of 'Cobra Kai' was the rivalry between Tory and Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser), the other key character who was seen to be in a relationship earlier with Miguel, before breaking up with him by the end of season one.  During the course of the second season, it is shown that Miguel and Tory are a couple, while Sam, who was previously with Miguel, is now dating Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan), another important figure in the series.  Things take an ugly turn when Tory sees Sam kissing Miguel during a party hosted by Moon just before school begins and she threatens to attack Sam over the intercom. What follows is a showdown that triggers a schoolwide, no-holds-barred fight eventually leading to Miguel being critically injured at the end of Season two.

With YouTube Premium renewing 'Cobra Kai' for a third season, one of the things to watch out for is how Sam and Tory deal with the aftermath of their unfinished brawl.

Tory is shown to have a bitter rivalry towards Sam (IMDb)

They may be fierce rivals on the show, but off-screen, Mary Mouser says that the duo has a lot of fun together. "While being on set, it was all friends, all smiles", she said, in an exclusive with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW). 

Mouser added that she was quite nervous about how things would work with a new girl on the set, but was equally excited to have another female cast. "What ended up becoming harder was trying to play mad at her and try to play mean because she's so nice," she explained.

"I felt so lucky to be working with her. In the whole training and choreography, we were like, Oh! we probably did that wrong, and Ooh! that was a bad kick, but we had a lot of fun together."

Previously, Peyton too had expressed her excitement in playing the role of a baddie on-screen. "She gets her point across and is one of the coolest characters I've ever played," she said.

While the third season is still a good year away to hit the small screen, 'Cobra Kai' seasons one and two are available for streaming on YouTube Premium.

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